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Lake Cumberland Striper Report by Jim Durham (7/30/2008)
The most complete Striper report you will find anywhere
Trophy Stripers On Lake Cumberland by Jim Durham (5/24/2007)
In some years, the bite during the spawn of the Stripers can be really slow. I do not know what then “phenomenon” is this year, but we have been catching absolutely “huge” trophy Stripers in the spawn of 2007. Perhaps it is the fact that with the work on the dam and the water level still near Winter pool all the way into May, the “bite” is hotter this year during the spawn than normal.
The Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing Report by Jim Durham (3/08/2007)
THE LAKE CUMBERLAND STRIPER FISHING REPORT By Captain Jim Durham – StriperFun Guide Service
The Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing Report by Jim Durham (1/30/2007)
From my 40 plus years coming to the lake, it has been my experience that this winter level (690) remains constant (many years) for 90 or so days between late November through mid February. So, we are already accustomed to this lower water level for about a ¼ of the year as it is!
Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing by Jim Durham (12/17/2006)
Things have began to slow down around the marinas, with most (non-fishing boats) winterized. This time of year gets quite. The pleasure boaters are done for the year and it's just the Bass fishermen and us “Monster” Striper hunters that are left.
November Lake Cumberland Fishing Report by Jim Durham (11/30/2006)
We continue to catch really nice Smallmouth while Striper fishing live bait. If you want to “concentrate” on the smallmouth, then the bottom fishing with live bait is the hot ticket for the next 3 to 4 months.
Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing Report by Jim Durham (11/27/2006)
Well, it was Thanksgiving weekend again and the weather was great. The temperature was between 65 to 70 degrees during the day and it was sunny. This kind of weather normally “scatters” the fish and that was certainly the case. We hunted and hunted (and hunted!!!!) the first day for an active school, but just didn't have any luck. As I always tell you, if my report said we caught a limit every time you would know it was a lie.