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Recently Submitted Massachusetts Fishing Reports
    Webster Lake Fishing Report by Northeast Bass Guide (1/22/2024)
    [Webster Lake] As the fall transition takes hold, expect the fishing to heat up in the coming weeks. Smallmouth bass are shifting towards deeper waters while some remain shallow, and impressive largemouth catches are happening in the grassy areas. Join Fishing Guide Cory Gillis for an exciting autumn fishing experience!
    The Last Hurrah by Hap Farrell (9/11/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This report is about the fishing near the end of the season in Cape Cod Bay. It tells where to find the fish.
    Kids Go FIshin' by Hap Farrell (7/21/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This is about a family that I took fishing. Two young girls out fished everyone.
    The Fish Come Home... by Hap Farrell (7/19/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This report indicates that the bass and bluefish have moved back into our area. Plus, where they are most active.
    The Fish are Acting Normal... by Hap Farrell (7/04/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This tells of the recent habits of the bass and bluefish in Cape Cod Bay. Also where to go and how to act while fishing amoungst other boats.
    Summer Has Finally Arrived by Hap Farrell (6/19/2012)
    [Cape Cod] The weather on the Cape Has been cool for the past week or so. It is going to warm up soon so we hope the fishing will too.
    Billingsgate Shoals Shows Some Life... by Hap Farrell (6/05/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This is about the movement of the Stripers near Rock Harbor and where the larger fish move to.
    More Fish in the Bay... by Hap Farrell (5/23/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This report tells of the migration of the striped bass in Cape Cod Bay. Where the fish were and where they are going to.
    The Bay Comes Alive... by Hap Farrell (5/15/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This report discribes how Cape Cod Bay has become more and more active as the season starts. The more active areas are highlighted.
    Cape Cod Bay Warms Up... by Hap Farrell (5/09/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This is the first report of the activity in Cape Cod Bay. The fish have arrived early and that is a good thing.
    Fishing with Light Tackle by Hap Farrell (2/26/2012)
    [Cape Cod] This discribes how and why I use light action rods and light test line. Plus some of the benifits of using braid line.
    More Fall Fishing... by Hap Farrell (9/21/2011)
    [Cape Cod] This report shows where is best spots will be this fall. Plus, what works the best.
    Giant Blue Shark off Plymouth, MA by Ryan Collins (9/16/2011)
    [Cape Cod] There's quite a few enormous sharks swimming just west of Stellwagen bank right now.
    Stripers Return... by Hap Farrell (9/13/2011)
    [Cape Cod] This report indicates that the striped bass have returned to Billigsgate Shoals. Also, that the fishing is going to be good in the bay this fall.
    Epic Striper Night Time Blitz - 9/10/2011 by Ryan Collins (9/12/2011)
    [Cape Cod] We had doubles and triples all night long, boating 800 pounds of striped bass in under 3 hours. The largest was 37 pounds. Incredible!