Fishing Reports by Captain Hap Farrell

About The Author: Captain

Company: Stunmai II Charters

Area Reporting: Cape Cod Bay - Rock Harbor, Orleans

Bio: Captain Hap Farrell has been fishing the waters of Cape Cod Bay for 27 years. His intimate knowledge of the Bay and all it's idiosyncrasies guarantees that your day on the water will be an enjoyable one. Whether a novice angler, or a seasoned pro, the captain and crew of the Stunmai II will do what it takes to get you "tight" on a big striped bass or bluefish!

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The Last Hurrah (9/11/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report is about the fishing near the end of the season in Cape Cod Bay. It tells where to find the fish.
Kids Go FIshin' (7/21/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about a family that I took fishing. Two young girls out fished everyone.
The Fish Come Home... (7/19/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report indicates that the bass and bluefish have moved back into our area. Plus, where they are most active.
The Fish are Acting Normal... (7/04/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This tells of the recent habits of the bass and bluefish in Cape Cod Bay. Also where to go and how to act while fishing amoungst other boats.
Summer Has Finally Arrived (6/19/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] The weather on the Cape Has been cool for the past week or so. It is going to warm up soon so we hope the fishing will too.
Billingsgate Shoals Shows Some Life... (6/05/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about the movement of the Stripers near Rock Harbor and where the larger fish move to.
More Fish in the Bay... (5/23/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report tells of the migration of the striped bass in Cape Cod Bay. Where the fish were and where they are going to.
The Bay Comes Alive... (5/15/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report discribes how Cape Cod Bay has become more and more active as the season starts. The more active areas are highlighted.
Cape Cod Bay Warms Up... (5/09/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is the first report of the activity in Cape Cod Bay. The fish have arrived early and that is a good thing.
Fishing with Light Tackle (2/26/2012)
[Cape Cod,MA] This discribes how and why I use light action rods and light test line. Plus some of the benifits of using braid line.
More Fall Fishing... (9/21/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report shows where is best spots will be this fall. Plus, what works the best.
Stripers Return... (9/13/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report indicates that the striped bass have returned to Billigsgate Shoals. Also, that the fishing is going to be good in the bay this fall.
Fall Fishing... (9/07/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report tells anglers what is going on in Cape Cod Bay. It also give you an indication on where to go to find fish.
Hurricane Fishing (8/31/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This reports tells how good the fish was just before hurricane Irene. It also shows where the bass have moved to.
The Search is On... (8/24/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The fish are deing finkey and hard to find at times. We, in the charter business, have to check all our secret areas to find these fish.
August Fishing Gets Good... (8/17/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report explains that the fishing in August has improved in Cape Cod Bay. It also indicates this will continue.
The Fish Took a Vacation... (8/11/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report shows how fish can sometimes disappear and then return. They have done this in Cape Cod Bay.
Fishing Team "The Sharks" (8/06/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is a discription of four anglers that may come to your area. Watch them, they out fish everyone.
August Doldrums (8/02/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] In August the fleet out of Rock Harbor is running on it's reserve energy. We go to Billingsagate Shoals and put out the jigs and wait for the fish.
All The Bay's Fish... (7/26/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This talks of the newly arrived bluefish plus the action on top of Billingagate Shoals. Cape Cod Bay is in full swing as far as fishing is concerned.
Coming Back Home... (7/19/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The bluefish have finally arrived in force. Also the striped bass are starting to move around a bit.
Looking for Fish... (7/12/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report indicates a new group of fish moving in and areas that are becoming active. It also tells you where the best areas are right now.
School is Out.. Fish are In... (6/28/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The summer has started and school has let out. The Bay is loaded with bass and bluefish and we are ready to go fishing.
Summer Season Starts (6/21/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The summer season gets underway with great weather and very good fishing. Both the bass and bluefish have shown up.
Fish Can't Read... (6/14/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report is about the changing fishing condition and areas. It also let angler know what to expect.
The Fish Spread out... (6/07/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] As the season progresses the striped bass are showing up in more areas. They are also getting more active.
The Bluefish are Back... (6/01/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This Memorial Day Weekend was very active. Pleanty of stripers and the bluefish showed up too.
Stripers Settle In... (5/25/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report discribes where the the striped bass in Cape Cod Bay have settled in so far. It states that the umbrella rig is the lure system of choice.
The Season Begins... (5/17/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] In thihs report I show what is starting to happen in the area of Cape Cod Bay down near Rock Harbor and towards Barnstable Harbor. I have not heard much of what is happening up around P-town yet.
Rock Harbor Comes Alive... (5/07/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about the beginning of the season on Cape Cod Bay. Rock Harbor comes alive with the boats getting ready.
Fall Fishing Can Be Fun... (9/23/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] While fishing on Billingsgate Shoals and Sony Bar this group did a dance trying to entice a striped bass. All we caught were bluefish but they had a blast landing those fish keeping three.
Fishing Cape Cod Bay... (9/08/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report tells what has happened during the "2010" fishing season. Plus where it has happened in Cape Cod Bay and how these fish where landed.
Two New Anglers (8/07/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This tells of two young women learning to fish. They both do very well for their first time out.
Billingsgate Shoals (7/23/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report discribes how this shoal was created and how it functions in holding fish in the area. That it is one of the best areas to fish in Cape cod Bay.
Summer Season Starts (6/23/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This tell on the activity of the bass and bluefish on Cape Cod Bay. Plus, where to look for them.
Changes in the Bay... (5/26/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] As the early season in Cape Cod Bay continues the striped bass with start to move into new areas like on top of Billingsgate Shoals. These move will come quickly.
The Season Starts with a Bang... (5/14/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This tells of the first tirp of the season fishing out of Rock Harbor aboard the Stunmai II. The Gilbride Party got their limit of stripers.
The Harbor Comes Alive... (5/02/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] Rock Harbor is starting to fill up with the charter fleet. The fish are starting to show up.
The Bass Aren't Far Behind (4/05/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about the herring in the Brewster Herring Run. When the herring are fully in the run the schoolies aren't far behind with the big fish right behind them.
The 2010 Season, What Will it Bring? (2/03/2010)
[Cape Cod,MA] This report indicates what may happen during this coming season in Cape Cod Bay. Also where the bass and bluefish may settle in for this season.
The Fish May Go, But They'll Be Back... (10/15/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about the use of line tackle for bass and bluefish with light gear. Also the designing to new rods.
Nearing The End... (9/15/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This shows the bass fishing is still productive in Cape Cod Bay. We fished just outside of Day's Cottages using the Tube & Worm and landed a lot of stripers.
Staying in Form... (9/02/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about one woman who has been fishing for many years and stays in form by practice and another young girl who is just starting out fishing.
The Trip (8/18/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about a trip with friends just to enjoy the day and catch some fish. It was a great day with good people.
A Family Affair (8/04/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about a family that fishes together. There are three generations aboard the boat the Stunmai II.
A "Fisherman" (7/28/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about a young girl named Emily Ewen and how she has come to be an excellent fisherman. He has landed a good number of big stripers using different methods.
Kathy's Fish... (7/15/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This is about a women who out fishes her husband by landing a bigger bass. She supplied most of the fish for their dinner party.
Fishing Cape Cod Bay (6/24/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This shows that the whole Bay is loaded with both bass and bluefish. They are mainly in the deep water now but should move soon.
The Bass Take Up Residence (6/16/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This area, northwest of the #1 can has stayed active for two weeks now. It's the best area in Cape Cod Bay.
Using Lead Core Line... (6/09/2009)
[Cape Cod,MA] This explains how to use lead core line and sheow water can be landed. It also show where the really big bass are hiding in Cape Cod Bay.
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