The Fish Come Home...

Capt. Hap Farrell

Well, they're back... And in good numbers too. The bluefish have moved in on the north edge of the shoals in the 22 to 25 foot range. There are some stripers mixed in out to about 32 to 35 foot range. Fortunately there are few lobster pots in the way so it is an easy area to fish. Jigging or the umbrella rigs work very well. Single hootchies also work but not that productive yet, but this will change. To put it another way, the fishing is going to nothing but get better.

I'm sure the tournament will go well and I'll have a more detailed account in next weeks report. I have to have this in before the tournament takes place. There should be another one of these contests next month, some time in August. Again, all you will have to do to be entered is book one of the boats and those who booked that day will be entered. As always, Mike at the Goose Hummock has helped out with some really great prizes for the winners.

One area that has still not produced any really good fishing is in by the Eastham shore. In years past this was the one area we could count on when weather or lack of stripers made us go up there for some good fishing action. Also, it was a good place to take very young angler to get them used to using the tackle we use. An area that had not produced much in the way of fish is the Path. This has changed big time. I was up there this last Monday and found some really big bluefish. Some were over 10 pounds. I marked bass in there also but only hooked up on the bluefish. One day this will change. You want to be there when it does.

We are coming off what we call small tides. This means the rise and fall of the tides is 8.3 feet. This is the distance between the high tide mark to the low tide mark. The big tides can be as much as 12.4 feet. When we have small tides the water does not move as much as the bigger tides. This means the bait doesn't move as much either. As the tides get bigger this should bring in more bait and therefore more fish. It will start to get really good very soon.

If anyone has been to Nauset Beach you've seen the large number of boats just off shore. This area, like last year, is holding a large amount of commercial size striped bass. If you want to get in on this bonanza you much first get a commercial permit. Don't get caught without it. Also, there are rumors that the price for these fish is really high. Not true, the price is about the same as last season, a little over $3.00 per pound. This will decrease as the market gets flooded with this abundance of fish.

We have plenty of stripers in the bay and nowhere near the crowds.

This last week I had the Klahre family out for a half day trip. This fishing was good, not great, but good. They brought a young man along as a coach and mentor to inspire them on in fighting the bass and bluefish we find in Cape Cod Bay. Nicolas, who is all of 15 months old stood by his father as he showed off the striper he caught. In a few years Nicolas will be hooked up on his own fish.

If you like to get in on some of this good fishing call me at: 508-240-8267.

Fish Species: Bass & Bluefish
Bait Used: N/A
Tackle Used: Jigging, Umbrella Rigs
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 24 ft.
Water Temperature: 68 Degrees
Wind Direction: SSW
Wind Speed: 5 Knots
Klahre Family
Klahre Family

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