Billingsgate Shoals Shows Some Life...

Capt. Hap Farrell

New England weather has shown how it can control us and what we do. With the exception of Saturday and part of Sunday, no one has gotten out to do much fishing. It seems a small nor'easter popped up and put a halt to much of the boating activity in Cape Cod Bay. However those two days were very productive. The small stripers have invaded the Brewster Flats with a vengeance. You'd be lucky to pull a keeper out of this area during the flood tide but lots of undersize fish. The main body of larger fish around Billingsgate Shoals have moved from the south edge across the top and just over to the north edge. Oh yes, there are some bass in by the #3 and #5 cans now plus over by the Eastham shore. Just not real active yet.

When the two boats that went out Sunday got to the north edge the weather was fairly calm. The fishing was really good. One time the Luau had three keepers on one umbrella rig. When he landed back in Rock Harbor he had ten nice stripers ranging from 37 inches down to 29 inches. They did come in a little early because by three hours into the trip the wind had really picked up from the north, northwest making it very uncomfortable to be out there so both boats came in. It's a good thing too because they were supposed to stay out for twelve hours. That would not have been fun.

Still no bluefish have been landed. One here, one there, but no real run of this fish. I think this last storm cooled the water enough to slow the migration of the main body of these fish for a bit longer. The water is going to have to warm up some more. The first real bite of the bluefish will be one of two places. One, in by the #3 and #5 cans and in towards the Eastham shore, or two, out in the deep water off the north edge of Billingsgate Shoals. I don't see this happening until a little past mid June.

Last week I had Dave Kopel and three of his friends from school out on a half day trip. Dave mated for me for a few years and then wanted to pursue some of his college training in a different type of summer job, a business internship. Now that he has finished school he and his friends wanted to start the summer off with some fishing. We started out over on the Brewster Flats using some of my real light tackle catching some of those undersize stripers. Once we had our fill of that we headed out to the south edge. One other boat from Rock Harbor had gone right out to the north edge and had found fish but they would not bite. When we got to the south edge it was a different story. The boys got dinner in short order and still were able to try out different methods of fishing.

As more and more time goes by the fishing will be better and better and hopefully the weather will also. New England is known for weather changes and fast changes. As soon as we bust out of this weather pattern summer should descend on us with a vengeance. If you want do some fishing give me a call at 508-240-8267.

Fish Species: Striped Bass
Bait Used: N/A
Tackle Used: Umbrella Rigs & Swimming Plugs
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 28 ft.
Water Temperature: 63 Degrees
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Speed: 10 knots

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