The Fish Took a Vacation...

By: Capt. Hap Farrell

Well, it's that time in the season. The fish take a little vacation and they are a little hard to find. This happens every year and it baffles us as to why. The bait is still around, and the weather doesn't change all that much. WEe can't understand it but it does occur. We do find some, they can't hide that well plus it only lasts a short time and then they are back and that time is at hand.

There is another change that occurs this time of the season. Schools of big bass start showing up in the deep water off Billingsgate Shoals and down near Barnstable Harbor. Exactly where down by Barnstable Harbor is never clear until someone runs over them while looking around. The place to start is the deeper water, 40 feet or more, right off the entrance to the harbor. Umbrella rigs or the tube and worm seem to work the best. This also holds true when fishing the deep water off the shoals. In this spot jigging with really long wire, 450 feet, can also be productive. This worked for me this last Saturday. We landed 6 nice big bass doing this over the low water.

The bluefish, which have been lacking a bit this season, have started to move in off the Pamet River and south towards the area off the Path. Check from 30 feet out to 50 feet of water. You will have to deal with a large number of lobster pot buoys but it can be done. Single hootchies on either wire or mono will work. Plus the old standby the umbrella rig. Some of these bluefish are close to 15 pounds, so hang on.

As of the 10th of August things have somewhat changed from the fish being a little hard to find to schools of bass and bluefish showing up in the Bay. We first found them in the deep water off the Path and down off Great Island. In this area single hootchies or umbrella rigs worked very well. Next these fish have shown up on Billingsgate Shoals. On the 11th we had a number of schools on top of the shoals and just off the north edge in 35 to 40 feet. I mean there were a lot of fish. The big tides are starting to subside and the bait is holding in this one area. I think we will see some excellent fishing for the next week or so, some really good fishing.

The Rock Harbor Charter Service is going to have another "End of the Summer" tournament. It's going to happen on the 18th of August during the half day trip. All those already booked on a boat or who do book any of the Rock Harbor Charter Service boats are automatically entered. There is no extra cost. You can catch fish and win a prize, what a deal! For information call the Booth at the harbor 508-255-9757.

This last Monday Capt. Steve Ellis, of the Watanye, had Joseph Parsons and his family out on a half day trip. Capt. Ellis had a notion that there were some bluefish up north of the Path out in the lobster pots. He set out his hootchies once he got there and within minutes he had two fish on. It continued that way for the whole trip. On Sunday I had the Fordyce crew out. The main players were Parker Kylie, Kayla, and Jillian. Ranging in ages from 6 to 11 years of age. These four young girls caught most of the fish with Kayla, who is 7 1/2, landing the biggest one.

If you want to get in on this good fishing call me at: 508-240-8267 or 508-255-6211.

Fish Species: Bass & Bluefish
Bait Used: N/A
Tackle Used: Umbrela Rigs & Jigs
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 18 to 24 ft.
Water Temperature: 68 Degrees
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Speed: 5 Knots
Kayla Fordyce and two bluefish...
Kayla Fordyce and two bluefish...

The Fordyce Crew...
The Fordyce Crew...

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Area Reporting: Cape Cod Bay - Rock Harbor, Orleans

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