All The Bay's Fish...

By: Capt. Hap Farrell

It was the 24th of July when we, the charter captains, could officially say the bluefish are here in force. They have turned up in different spots off and on up until now. Once we found them off the Eastham shore and the fish were gone. Next we'd find them out in the deep water and then they were gone. Two weeks ago they showed up off the Path for a few days and then they disappeared. Now they have shown up from the Path south to Henderson's Rock from 15 feet of water out to 30 feet of water. Tom Smith, who commercially fishes for these fish told us they have been moving into the Bay for the last few days. Now if the bass is slow we still have one of the hardest fighting fish, the bluefish, to chase around.

From what I hear the big commercial size bass are still hanging out in front of the new cut in Pleasant Bay. The larger fish are measuring from 36 to 44 inches but you have to cull through some smaller fish. Either jigging with a long wire or vertical jig with Ronzi's is what is working best. In the Bay we are doing equally as well but the bass are a little smaller, perfect dinner size. From 29 to 34 inches. We, the charter captains are kind of glad we don't have a lot of big fish around. Less boat traffic to deal with. Jigging on top of Billingsgate Shoal is still the best game in town. P-town is slow right now, but that will change when we get back to the bigger tides I think.

There is one thing that is a little troublesome. There is still very little action in the area along the Eastham shore and around the #3 and #5 cans near the entrance to Welfleet Harbor. Traditionally this area always held a good amount of bluefish and was a good place to take a family with you kids so we could put them on fish they could handle easier. It still only has fish now and then. Not on a regular basis. No one knows why this is.

What will go on next week? Hopefully some larger stripers will move in on top of the shoals. The large schools of bass will come back to P-town especially from the Race down to Wood End and more bluefish move into the Bay. It's a good possibility that one or more of these things will happen. The big tides are starting up soon and this will push the fish back to where we can get to them. Get your jigs and umbrella rigs ready. Make sure your wire rods have fresh wire and the reels are in good shape.

I had two groups out this week that were lots of fun and we did well. Marcos Maranda, from Harwich, brought his crew out for a full day trip. The weather was a little off, cloudy and slightly drizzly at times. The fishing was fantastic. They easily got their limit plus much more. The Brazilian sausage was equally as good as the fishing. The second trip was a booth trip. A father and son and father and daughter. Zack, who's eleven, and has fished out of Rock Harbor before and Meghan, who has experience fishing in the Florida area but never for stripers, loaded the boat. Zack, an old hand at this type of fishing was equaled by Miss Meghan whose experience showed in her ability to handle these majestic fish.

If you want to get in on this good fishing call me at: 508-240-8267 or 508-255-6211.

Fish Species: Striped Bass & Bluefish
Bait Used: N/A
Tackle Used: Jigs with wire
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 23 ft.
Water Temperature: 68 Degrees
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Speed: 5 Knots
Marcos Maranda's crew...
Marcos Maranda's crew...

Meghan & Zack plus fathers...
Meghan & Zack plus fathers...

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