Fishing Reports by Captain Ryan Collins

About The Author: Captain

Company: Miss Loretta Fishing

Area Reporting: Cape Cod Bay, MA

Bio: I currently carry an OUPV 6 pack Coast Guard license, and am working towards my Master\'s 25 ton. I\'ve been fortunate enough to have fished Cape Cod Bay since the age of 6. My goal is to help you put more big fish in your boat, and have some fun along the way. Catch \'em up!

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Giant Blue Shark off Plymouth, MA (9/16/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] There's quite a few enormous sharks swimming just west of Stellwagen bank right now.
Epic Striper Night Time Blitz - 9/10/2011 (9/12/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] We had doubles and triples all night long, boating 800 pounds of striped bass in under 3 hours. The largest was 37 pounds. Incredible!
Cape Cod Bay 40 Pound Bass (9/06/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The bass fishing is heating up on Cape Cod Bay. September is the best month for striper fishing on the Bay. This past weekend we caught fish up to 40 pounds.
Hot Pre-Hurricane Irene Bass Bite on Cape Cod Bay (8/28/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The striped bass bite is really heating up on Cape Cod Bay, MA!
Fishing Cape Cod Report Week of August 1 (8/07/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] There have been more big bass showing up weekly. I'm anticipating solid fishing now through the end of October.
Cape Cod Bay Striped Bass Fishing Report August 1 (8/01/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] We were fortunate to have perfect conditions, and a lot of aggressive big striped bass this last trip.
Cape Cod Fishing Report July 24 (7/24/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] We had perfect weather last trip, and were fortunate to stumble upon a football field size school of striped bass.
Cape Cod Fishing Report July 19-21 (7/23/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] The striped bass fishing continues to improve in Cape Cod Bay. I'm hoping for a very productive August and September.
30 Pounders, Lightning, Big Waves and Wind Cape Cod Bay Report July 12-14 (7/15/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] There are big fish in Cape Cod Bay, however the weather this past week proved challenging.
First Day of Summer Bluefin Tuna Fishing at Stellwagen Bank (6/22/2011)
[Plymouth,MA] Bluefin tuna throw a curveball at you when you least expect it.
First tunas of 2011 (5/31/2011)
[Stellwagen Bank,MA] Confirmed sightings and landings of the first Stellwagen Bank tuna of the year happened over Memorial Day Weekend.
Cape Cod Bay Reports/Articles (5/27/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] A post for those just getting their boots wet in the striped bass world, or even for veterans hoping to add something new to their arsenal.
Cape Cod Canal/Cape Cod Bay Bonanza (5/23/2011)
[Cape Cod,MA] A huge biomass of large striped bass moved through the Cape Cod Canal last week. There's a good chance that many of these fish are within reach of boats fishing Cape Cod Bay this week.