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With reports of many 300-400 pound tuna trickling in over the last week or so, we were all fired up about yesterday's trip. After gillnetting and jigging up a live well full of bait, we hit the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank just after sunup.

Unfortunatley there was zero tuna, bait, birds, whales and just about anything else indicating that the big bluefins were around. After talking with a few other captains, and a friend of a friend who flies planes, we concluded that the Bank and Cape Cod Bay were all but devoid of tuna yesterday.

Good thing is these beasts swim pretty fast and could be back on the Bank and up inside Cape Cod Bay as I am writing this report. There are still plenty of mackerel off the East End of the Cape Cod Canal which is great news for this weekend's upcoming striped bass trips.

Hopefully I will have some great fishing to report on this weekend.

Tight lines!

Captain Ryan Collins

Fish Species: Bluefin Tuna
Bait Used: live mackerel and shad
Tackle Used: 130 conventional reels
Method Used: kite fishing, balloon fishing
Water Depth: 100
Water Temperature: 61
Wind Direction: West
Wind Speed: 5 mph
Slow day means pictures of gear.
Slow day means pictures of gear.

Our New Zealand made kite flew extremely well even with the very light breeze.
Our New Zealand made kite flew extremely well even with the very light breeze.

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Ryan Collins

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