Fishing Articles by Captain Ryan Collins

Cape Cod Canal Fishing for Monster Striped Bass (1/07/2013)
[Striped Bass] Each season on Cape Cod the Canal produces huge stripers - sometimes well above the 50 pound mark.
Night Fishing the Cape Cod Canal for Monstrous Striped Bass (12/23/2011)
[Surf Fishing] The Cape Cod Canal is one of the best places on Earth to target cow striped bass from shore. Hitting up the Canal after dark increases the chances of hooking into a monstrous striper.
Cape Cod Canal Striper Fishing Hot Spots (12/01/2011)
[Striped Bass] The Cape Cod Canal is loaded with awesome fishing spots for big striped bass. However it generally takes many years to learn which areas fish best at which tide. This article helps shorten the Cape Cod Canal learning curve.
Giant Tuna Fishing from a Small Boat (6/22/2011)
[Big Game] Cape Cod\'s giant bluefin tuna can be caught by weekend warriors fishing from small boats. The right gear and game plan is all that is needed for a chance to hookup with a true giant.
Fishing Cape Cod Bay for Big Striped Bass (6/22/2011)
[Saltwater Fishing] Cape Cod Bay is home to an enormous population of over-sized stripers. Sticking to a game plan and mastering a few proven techniques can help an angler to bag more big fish this summer.
The Bluefins are Back (6/12/2011)
[Big Game] Tuna fishing in our region is kicking back into gear as school and giant bluefins return to the waters off Plymouth. Right now is a phenomenal time to be a Plymouth fishermen.
The Bite is on at Race Point (6/11/2011)
[Saltwater Fishing] There is no telling what you may encounter when fishing the waters around Provincetown. Big bass, bluefish, whales and even tuna descend on the area to feed on the plethora of bait choices.
A New Perspective on Scorton Ledge (6/06/2011)
[Saltwater Fishing] The Ledge relinquished another 50 pound striped bass this past weekend. Gaining a new perspective on this well known fishing hot spot could help you put more big bass in the boat this season.
Tuna Time (5/31/2011)
[Big Game] June is prime time for big tuna in the waters surrounding Cape Cod. The first tuna of the year should be caught sometime over the next few days.
Understanding Big Bass Behavior (5/23/2011)
[Striped Bass] Large striped bass adopt specific behavioral patterns depending on the season. Understanding bass behavior in Cape Cod Bay can help an angler in establishing a smart starting point.
Live-lining Springtime Cow Bass (5/18/2011)
[Striped Bass] May is the month for live-lining mackerel to big Cape Cod striped bass.
Live Eel Fishing 101 (5/13/2011)
[Live Bait Fishing] Adding live eels to your arsenal can greatly improve your efficiency on the water.