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Severe Cold Front Stalls Alabama Bass (1/29/2014)
[Lay Lake,AL] When night time highs dip below the "teens" here in Alabama (6 degrees!) and daytime highs do not even reach 40 degrees its time to stay home!
Guntersville Lake For Big Largemouth Bass in February andd March! (2/11/2013)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There is no better time to be fishing Alabama's Guntersville Lake than in February and March for big, prespawn bass!
Alabama's Wilson Lake for big smallmouth bass this winter season! (12/31/2012)
[Wilson Lake,AL] Fishing for big, smallmouth bass in Wilson Lake's headwaters (below massive Wheeler Lake dam),is your best chance for a real trophy bass this winter season in North Alabama!
Shallow Early - Deep Midday on Guntersville LakeThis Summer (5/24/2012)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Topwater lures at dawn in shallow water and loads of lures fished in deep water during the heat of the day, will fool bass all summer long, if you apply yourself!
Guntersville Lake's Big, Prespawn Bass Are On The Move (2/10/2012)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Last week's warming trend near 70 degrees had Guntersville lake's Big Bass shallow. This weekend's predicted temps of 20 degrees will have them headed for the deep!
Make plans now for Guntersville lake spring fishing (2/10/2012)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Anglers should prepare now for, "the fishing trip of a lifetime"...only a few weeks away. Trophy Bass Fishing on Alabama's Guntersville Lake, this spring season.
Logan Martin Lake is down 5 feet, but the bass are still biting! (1/03/2012)
[Logan Martin Lake,AL] With the water temperature near 50 degrees I enjoyed the last trip of 2010 with two resident anglers, that produced a five pound largemouth bass and a four pound spotted bass!
Alabama's Wheeler lake for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass this Fall! (10/11/2011)
[Wheeler Lake,AL] Anglers can "double up" on Wheeler lake's big largemouth bass and smallmouth bass during the fall and early winter seasons.
Alabama's Shallow Summertime Bass (8/15/2011)
[Birmingham,AL] Finding large mouth bass, those found lingering in water depths of five feet or less,-- on any Alabama lake during the hot days of summer -- requires some search and knowing what to look for.
Logan Martin Lake on Alabama's Coosa River for Shallow Bass This Summer (7/31/2011)
[Lake Martin,AL] Not all bass go deep on Alabama's Logan Martin Lake (only 35 miles from Birmingham), during the hot days of summer. Anglers probing the lake's varied wood, weed and rock cover can discover some big unmolested bass!
Guntersville Lake's Mid-Summer Shallow and Deep Bass (7/10/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Not all Guntersville Lake bass go deep and not all bass remain in shallow water during the hot, mid-summer period. Their everywhere!
Guntersville Lake's Bass and Early Summer (6/03/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] You can catch them shallow, in Guntersville Lake's mid-depths and in deep water, their everywhere! Bass are feeding and fattening up for the hot, summer months ahead!
Guntersville Lake Five Bass Weighing over 35 Pounds on Two Trips! (3/19/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] When Your Consistantly Catching 7,8,9,and 10 Pounders, Then an 11 pounder on Alabama's Guntersville Lake, You Know Your Doing Something Right! A Full Moon, Water Temps in the Low-to-Mid 60's...just makes it even better!
Warming Trend and Full Moon bring Guntersville lake's bass shallow next week! (2/10/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Predicted air temperatures of the mid-to-upper 60's all next week will bring Guntersville lake's prespawn largemouth big bass shallow!
Guntersville Lake Five Bass weighing over 30 pounds! (1/31/2011)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Warming trends brings Guntersville lakes trophy bass into shallow water! A trip of a lifetime produces five huge bass (including one ten pounder!) for a total weight of 34 pounds!
Guntersville Lake's Wintertime Shallow Water Largemouth Bass (12/27/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Not all bass go deep in winter. Look for winter warming trends to bring Guntersville lake's big largemouth bass into shallow water this winter season!
Guntersville Lake's Big Wintertime Bass (12/09/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Guntersville Lake - A lake that is still good for wintertime anglers targeting those largemouth bass exceeding ten pounds!
Shallow Bass Still Bite on Guntersville Lake in Cold Weather! (12/01/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There are 5 lures to be fished in cold water, from top to bottom, for early winter bass on Guntersville Lake! Here's a recent guided trip and some lure suggestions!
Lakes within 30 miles of Birmingham, Alabama for big, trophy spotted bass! (11/14/2010)
[Birmingham,AL] Within 30 miles of Birmingham, Alabama Coosa River Impoundment's Logan Martin Lake and Lay Lake have big, trophy-sized spotted bass! Discount Guide Service for Reel Reports Readers!
Big Spotted Bass on Alabama's Jordan Lake (11/01/2010)
[Jordan Lake,AL] Jordan Lake is Alabama's premiere lake for big trophy size Coosa River Spotted Bass this Fall and early Winter season!
Lay Lake's Late Summer Topwater Bass (8/27/2010)
[Lay Lake,AL] With water temps dropping from the mid-90's to upper-80's Lay lake's shallow water bass will now nail a topwater lure! Dawn is the best time for the bigger bass!
Guntersville Lake's Nomadic Bass of Summer (7/20/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Not all bass stay put during the mid-to-late summer period on Alabama's Guntersville Lake. That school of big bass can appear at any time!
Guntersville lakes Big trophy bass (5/24/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Looking for bass bigger than average? Guntersville lake has plenty of 5-10 pounders...and some even bigger!
Spotted bass on topwater lures (5/24/2010)
[Jordan Lake,AL] Alabama's Jordan Lake Spotted Bass are now schooling at the Dam!
Guntersville Lake's bedding bass (4/08/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] A sudden warming trend (featuring temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80's), sends Guntersville Lake's largemouth bass towards the lake's shallow spawning grounds. Fifty bass a day is possible!
Guntersville Lake Alabama' s Best Big, Bass Impoundment (3/14/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] There is no comparison -- when it comes to catching sheer numbers of big, largemouth bass -- for any Alabama lake, than right now on Guntersville Lake! Big, prespawn bass are on the move in mid-50 degree water temps!
Guntersville Lake's Big, Prespawn Bass Are On The Move (3/03/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] First week of March and water temperatures should reach the 60 degree mark. Time for Big prespawn bass to move shallow, pairing up and preparing beds for the spring spawn!
Techniques for Guntersville Lake's Big, Prespawn Bass (1/30/2010)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Targeting Travel Routes -- Those leading into the spawning shallows, -- Anglers should gear up for a real chance at some of the season's biggest, trophy bass!
Lay Lake 2010 Bassmaster Classic update (1/26/2010)
[Lay Lake,AL] The 2010 Bassmaster Classic is less than one month away! 51 Classic contenders are all hoping for fair weather!
Lay Lake Feb. 2010 Bassmaster Classic Update (1/02/2010)
[Lay Lake,AL] Severe Cold Front this weekend and all next week. Lows in the mid-teens and highs in the mid-30's to low 40's.
Bass are biting on Logan Martin Lake! (5/11/2009)
[Birmingham,AL] We fished a bass tournament on Saturday and also returned on Sunday. In all we had over 50 bass in two days of fishing in some very shallow water!
Bass are shallow on Lay Lake (4/14/2009)
[Lay Lake,AL] Both largemouth bass and Coosa River spotted bass can be found in shallow water for the next 6 weeks. Some of the years biggest bass!
Lake Lake Spring Bass Fishing (4/14/2009)
[Lay Lake,AL] Both largemouth bass and the Coosa River spotted bass are in shallow water bedding for the Spring spawn! Cloudy, overcast weather this week shows anglers fooling some big bass, many being taken in water 1 foot deep!
Guntersville Lake Bass in early January on Suspending Jerkbaits (1/05/2009)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Warm fronts bring up Guntersville Lake's Big Bass from their wintertime depths! Main lake points, weedy flats, and creek mouths are the best places for numbers of Big Bass right now!
Reed Montgomery's Best Lures for Guntersville Lake This Summer (7/28/2008)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Yes, You Can Catch Big Bass in shallow water (even under the hot summer sun in August), on Alabama's Largest Man Made Impoundment, Guntersville Lake!
Guntersville Lake is Hot! Summertime Big Bass Fishing in shallow water (6/24/2008)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The fishing on Guntersville Lake is as hot as the weather! Reports of 40-50 bass a day with Reeds Guide Service!
[Lay Lake,AL] ts a Lake that's been around a long, long time. As a matter of fact (unknown to many anglers) Lay Lake will be 100 years old soon (Impounded 1914) in the year 2014. Lay Lake is over 50 miles in...
Fall Bass Fishing on Smith Lake (9/21/2007)
[Birmingham,AL] Smith Lake is a deep, clear man made reservoir situated in northwest Alabama on the Sipsey fork of the Warrior River System. It is now nearing 50 years since its impoundment. How deep is Smith Lake?
Largest Man Made Impoundment Lake (9/14/2007)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The lake is now nearing 70 years since its impoundment. Its getting to be a very old lake and like most older lakes Guntersville lake has seen both the ups and downs all impoundments go through with each passing year
Fall Bass Fishing Pickwick Lake (9/12/2007)
[Pickwick Lake,AL] Pickwick Lakes Headwaters / Fishing Below Wilson Lake Dam (I get lots of phone calls and e-mails from first timers to Pickwick and Wilson Lakes, so here's some tips and suggestions;)
Fall Bass Fishing Wilson Lake (9/12/2007)
[Wilson Lake,AL] Wilson Lake on the Tennessee River System was impounded over 80 years ago. That's a long time for a man made impoundment to endure the test of time. Being many factors. The mighty Tennessee River System that feeds
Fall Fishing Neely Henry Lake (9/12/2007)
[Neely Henry Lake,AL] Like upriver impoundment Weiss Lake, Neely Henry Lake, the second of six lakes located on the Coosa River System, suffered from the results of an extreme drought this past summer. Unseasonably low lake levels of two feet below normal, full pool ...
Fall Bass Fishing Lake Harris on the Tallapoosa River System (9/06/2007)
[Lake Harris,AL] Lake Harris is also called Wedowee Lake due to the nearby town of Wedowee, Al. It is situated in northeast Alabama where the Big Tallapoosa River and The Little Tallapoosa River join at mid lake about 5 miles from this small town.
Weiss Lake Fall Fishing (9/06/2007)
[Weiss Lake,AL] Normally, you will be hearing about the lowering of Weiss Lake for winter pool as fall approaches. But just like last year at this time, another summer season drought had the lake already down for winter pool.
Lake Eufaula Water level low (9/06/2007)
[Lake Eufaula,AL] Lake Eufaula has been unseasonably low for the entire summer.
Holt Lake AL Bass Fishing (9/06/2007)
[Birmingham,AL] Holt Lake is one of those lakes in mid Alabama that you just don't hear many anglers discuss. Bankhead Lake to the North and Lake Tuscaloosa and Demopolis Lake to the South, get more recognition.
Mid Summer on Guntersville Lake (7/18/2007)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Recent rains have helped increase the shallow water bite for Guntersville Lake's mid summer largemouth bass. After an early summer drought rain is a welcome sight both on and off the water.
From Wilson dam to Wheeler dam fishing (6/22/2007)
[Wilson Lake,AL] From Wilson dam to Wheeler dam is only a little less than 16 miles. Although a very small lake and a very short distance from dam to dam, compared to the 50 plus miles of other Tennessee River impoundment's, this small lake has big rewards.
Lower End Of Pickwick Lake (6/22/2007)
[Pickwick Lake,AL] If you have never fished the lower end of Pickwick Lake, you may be surprised. Most anglers that visit this Tennessee River Impoundment in North Alabama, never venture far from the lakes headwaters. Starting at the lower lake dam there is plenty of cover and bottom irregularities for anglers to target and for bass of all species to relate to.
Alamaba's Most Popular Lakes For Night Fishing (6/22/2007)
[Lake Mitchell,AL] Its one of Alabama's most popular lakes for night fishing. This small impoundment on the lower Coosa River, also shows many reasons not to give up on the bass of daytime either. The lakes headwaters, displays one of the most varied fisheries on the Coosa River. Here are a few choices for targeting these Mitchell Lake bass, during the hot days of summer.
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