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We fished a bass tournament on Saturday on Logan Martin Lake. Its called "Bucks Island Marina Tournament Trail."

There were over 50 boats and it was held out of Lakeside Landing on the lower lake.

It was a good day for us! Our first stop we had a limit of bass (in the first 30 minutes) fishing with white 1/2 ounce spinnerbaits with gold and silver willowleaf blades, also zara spooks in shad colors and chartreuce and white buzzbaits.

I had a big bass miss the zara spook early, but upon our return 5 minutes later, it struck again!

It turned out to weigh 4.77 pounds and it held up as big bass of the day...for a while. One weighing almost 6 pounds beat us out of that $500 dollors!

We even led the tournament, that is for a while, with our 5 best bass weighing 15.91 pounds. I knew it would not last with the calibur of anglers we were up against! It did not. But we still got 4th place overall!

A spotted bass, looking to be 3-4 pounds, I lost on the spook at boatside early that morning, would have won it for us.

Another bass my partner hooked on a worm at midday while fishing around shallow grass, really had his rod bowed up! It looked to be 7-8 pounds! But it came off as well after both of us sadly got our last good look at it!

The tournament was won with 16 1/2 pounds. Really not much weight for a cloudy, rainy day on Logan Martin Lake, where 5 bass weighing 20 pounds is usually what it takes to secure first place!

The top five team anglers weights were real close!Most anglers we talked to told of catches of 20-25 bass a day! Including us!

I returned Sunday and wouldn't you know it I caught a 6 pound largemouth bass! Of course while we were just fishing.

We also had 5 nice bass Sunday (including two nice spotted bass, weighing close to 4 pounds each, one that hit a spook and another on a pop-r), that would have been close to five bass weighing 20 pounds in all!

The sun came out on Sunday and lures like rattle traps in colors of chrome/black back and Fat free shad crankbaits in pearl white colors were good for about a dozen nice spotted bass! Plus again, they hit topwater lures early and spinnerbaits all day Sunday!

The weeds have a lot of bass, some are still spawning and a whole lots of these bass are now in the post spawn mode.

It should get even better in the next few weeks!

Thanks and Good Luck in your fishing!

Reed Montgomery

Reeds Guide Service (205)787-5133


Fish Species: Bass
Bait Used: No live bait
Tackle Used: Spinnerbaits and Topwater Lures
Method Used: Fishing shallow all day
Water Depth: 1-3 feet
Water Temperature: 76
Wind Direction: Southerly
Wind Speed: 5-10 m.p.h.
Some nice Logan Martin lake spotted bass!
Some nice Logan Martin lake spotted bass!

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