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Wilson Lake's headwaters have given up many big bass during winters past. This is an excellent wintertime lake. Especially when it comes to fooling big, smallmouth bass!

During the often cold, winter months of January and February in these north Alabama Tennessee River waters, bass anglers can actually have a real good shot at hooking into (then landing) that trophy, "bass of a lifetime."

That is, with a little beforehand preparation.

Its all about the weather and most true, wintertime bass anglers always come well prepared.

Not only do they dress warm, but observing the current (and last week's previous) weather conditions and having the boat, tow vehicle, fishing tackle and fishing equipment in top shape, is important to.

With any luck your pre-planned fishing trip to Wilson Lake may fall during a week-long, winter warming trend. Meaning much more shallow water action than usual!

A long list of lures may be needed, when ideal conditions show these very active smallmouth bass get very aggresive, hitting all types of lures fished from top to bottom in the water column.

Yes, even topwater lures!

* Note - With cold weather later this week, slow down fishng with lures like bottom fished jigs and worms, and suspending jerk baits and crankbaits fished with a slow, stop and go retrieve.

As the New Year begins here's the current conditions for January 1st of 2013 and weather predictions for the first week of January in north Alabama;

* Water Temps - Upper 40's

* Lake Level - Full Pool

* Water Clarity - Wilson Lake's headwaters are stained from recent winter rains. Some creeks are showing stained to muddy conditions. Lower lake is clearer.

* Current is evident about every day, due to water generation and heavy winter rains every few days. Especially below dams and the backs of creeks.

* Air Temperature - Lows in the low 30's Highs in the low 50's with a 100 percent chance of rain Tuesday, New Years day.

* This weekend's predicted weather - Saturday and Sunday, January 5 & 6th Show another cloudy, cold front with daytime highs in the mid 40's and nighttime lows in the mid 20's!

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Thanks and Good Fishin'

Fish Species: Smallmouth bass
Bait Used: jigs and crankbaits
Tackle Used: jigs and crankbaits
Method Used: Slow on most lures
Water Depth: Less than 10 feet
Water Temperature: 48 degrees
Wind Direction: northerly
Wind Speed: 10 m.p.h.
A mixed bag of both smallmouth and largemouth bass!
A mixed bag of both smallmouth and largemouth bass!

Below dams, for big wintertime smallmouth bass!
Below dams, for big wintertime smallmouth bass!

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