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Although many anglers are applying their search for the ever-elusive large mouth bass in the deep, dark depths of most lakes found throughout Alabama, keep in mind there are always some largemouth bass to be found in shallow water.

Man made reservoirs (found all throughout Alabama), all have three things in common, especially during the summer months. Current, cooler water and shade.

Any, or all of these very important factors combined, may help induce the lake's large mouth bass to migrate to the lake's shallows, where these factors may exist.

Especially holding true during these often very demanding and very hot fishing days, when the mercury may soar to 100 degrees or more.

So summertime anglers should look for these three important factors to find quality large mouth bass, including a search for plenty of bait fish and looking for the greenest, aquatic weeds available.

* Which in turn "greener weeds" increases the oxygen content in the waters surrounding these weeds. Bait fish always means bass are nearby.


Current can be found below any lake dam. Water generation "peaks" during the summer months around any dam discharge area.

Meaning constant current both during the day and at night, all throughout the summer months as the need for electricity for air conditioning increases.

Current can also "build up" or suddenly increase where you see deep outside river bends (or deep creek channel bends), or it is found along the ends of points, along sea walls, rock bluffs and around islands. Or places where a river or creek may narrow down, can increase current.

The far back ends (or headwaters) of major feeder creeks may have some current, maybe from recent rains or a sudden evening thundershower. Creeks can also be spring fed, meaning current and cooler water during the summer months.


Not only can Alabama's summertime bass anglers (and the bass they pursue), find cooler water in places like spring fed creeks, but the water found discharged from the bottom of the upper lake around dams (that is then dumped in the lower lake's headwaters), can be extremely cooler.

With most Alabama lakes now showing midday water temps exceeding 90 degrees, finding cooler water always means finding much more active bass.

Cooler water of only 5 degrees can be discovered in both creeks and on the main lake, especially if an angler finds shade as well.


Finding shade, no matter what time of the day your fishing, means discovering bass that are feeding in much cooler water conditions.

More active Alabama bass will always hit your lures in a much faster manner, due to them having that much more needed strength to successfully chase down the day's next meal.

When feeding more often in these places that are coupled with current and shade, these bass have to continue feeding to keep up their energy!

* In addition, always look for bait fish and the greenest weeds (if available), year round.

But during the hot days of summer, you can always include those places featuring current, cooler water and plenty of shade to help you find those big, large mouth bass.

In your search this summer season always look for more comfortable surroundings...just like those big old, large mouth bass your always after!

Thanks and Good Fishin'

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Fish Species: Largemouth bass
Bait Used: No live bait lures only
Tackle Used: see report
Method Used: Topwater lures and weedless lures
Water Depth: 5 feet or less
Water Temperature: 90 degrees
Wind Direction: southerly
Wind Speed: 5 m.p.h.
Current, shade and cooler water can be found in the backs of feeder creeks.
Current, shade and cooler water can be found in the backs of feeder creeks.

Cooler creeks attract bass like this small mouth bass!
Cooler creeks attract bass like this small mouth bass!

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