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The first week of August in Alabama comes in like a! With predicted highs of 100 plus degrees, few anglers have a pre-planned daytime fishing trip on their minds.

But for those astute anglers that do, they can expect very little company and to have a real good chance at fooling one (or more) of Logan Martin Lake's big, summertime largemouth bass.

Or maybe even get a chance to hook into a true, tackle-testing Coosa River spotted bass! Then they have got to land it!

So, how you may ask, " do I know this? "

I grew up fishing this lake and other lakes in and around Birmingham, Al. Fishing bass tournaments and now guiding on Logan Martin lake for over 30 years, gives you a lot of exposure to hot, daytime summer fishing.

After over 30 summer's you find out that things don't always go according to the book. Finding both breeds of shallow, summertime bass on this lake, even on days when the mercury soars, is not only a challenge, but an experience.

So how do you get prepared for an inevitably hot day of fishing? And what do you look for in the means of shallow, bass holding cover this summer on Logan Martin lake (a lake impounded in 1964)?

* Note - On Logan Martin Lake when it is, "at or near" a summertime, full pool lake level (without drought) then aquatic weeds, wood cover and rock cover becomes your target.

You can call 1-800-lakes-11 to check on the lake level (full pool is 465.0) and daily water generation.

Aquatic Weeds

Unlike Alabama's largest man made reservoir Guntersville Lake (loaded with stringy millfoil and hydrilla aquatic weeds) Logan Martin lake is drawn down 4-5 feet each year. This eliminates any year-round weed growth.

But for 6 months - from mid-spring through the summer months, on into the early fall season, the lake's weeds do grow. These weeds can become thick, holding bass from April until October when winter lake draw down occurs.

Often these are thin, sparse and very shallow weeds that bass anglers will find easy to fish. Like any weeds the use of topwater lures fished in and around the lake's weeds will entice some surprisingly big, large mouth bass.

* Try buzz baits, frogs and floating worms.

Rock and Wood Cover - If those shallow weeds you are fishing (targeting large mouth bass), has mixed in wood cover like stumps, laying logs and trees, or it contains rock cover like boulders or a man-made sea wall, you can expect an explosion from a fat, Coosa River spotted bass!

Maybe a trophy-sized one at that! There are spotted bass in the 4-6 pound range caught during the summer months on Logan Martin Lake. A lake over 50 miles in length.

Piers, boat houses, marinas and other man made structures around the lake, hold summertime bass.

But what few anglers fail to recognize is the chance at connecting with a really big bass that can be holding around this wood cover, often lingering in water less than 5 feet deep, during any hour of the day.

Even when its hot!

* Try worms, tube baits, jig combos, and slow falling weightless lures like Senkos, floating worms and soft plastic shad imitations. Also around these places try shallow-to-mid running crank baits, both suspending and floating model hard bodied jerk baits and rattling lipless lures.

* Warning! Be prepared for the hot summer heat! *

Bring along plenty of drinks and water. Fish in the shade as often as possible and take several breaks. Make sure to eat to keep up your energy!

Sunscreen, hats, and polarized sunglasses are a must. Have enough on the boat for each angler and have spares of each items!

Bring along two small hand towels per angler. Keep one in the ice cooler and rotate as when needed. Keep it wrapped around your neck or worn on your head, under your hat.

Be safe this summer season on our very crowded lakes and try fishing shallow! Arrive at the lake 30 minutes before dawn...the best time of your day for fooling one of Alabama's big, summertime bass in shallow water!

Thanks, Reed Montgomery

Owner of Reeds Guide Service

Birmingham, Al. (205) 663-1504


"Alabama's Oldest, Professional Guide Service for Over 40 Years"

Fish Species: Largemouth bass
Bait Used: No live bait lures only
Tackle Used: see report
Method Used: Topwater lures
Water Depth: 5 feet or less
Water Temperature: Upper 80's
Wind Direction: southerly
Wind Speed: 5 m.p.h.
Big, shallow summertime bass!
Big, shallow summertime bass!

By mid summer aquatic weeds are in full bloom!
By mid summer aquatic weeds are in full bloom!

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