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Logan Martin Lake on Alabama's Coosa River for Shallow Bass This Summer by Reed Montgomery (7/31/2011)
Not all bass go deep on Alabama's Logan Martin Lake (only 35 miles from Birmingham), during the hot days of summer. Anglers probing the lake's varied wood, weed and rock cover can discover some big unmolested bass!
Hot summers - Search for cooler water by Reed Montgomery (6/22/2007)
Hot Summer's, mean searching for cool water. Logan Martin is currently showing water temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Finding bass in shallow water during the hot, mid 90 degree heat, is unheard of with most daytime anglers. But they do exist.
Seeing the bottom of the lake by Reed Montgomery (6/22/2007)
Looking down, you can see 10-20 feet deep to the bottom of the lake, when fishing or navigating the lower end of Lake Martin's very clear water. Deep, clear water and very skittish bass in shallow water, all go together, and often calls for applying deep water tactics, on the lakes lower end.
Fishing Logan Martin Lake by Reed Montgomery (12/09/2006)
Anglers visiting Alabama and fishing Logan Martin Lake this winter will discover something lacking in the water. During the winter months of December, January and February they can count on one thing they do not have to decipher to figure out the lakes inhabitants, the largemouth bass. That's fishing the weeds. For there are none.
Winter Fishing on Lake Martin by Reed Montgomery (11/21/2006)
Finding a Lake to fish this winter that is similar to fishing Lake Martin would be difficult. It is lake unlike any lake in Alabama. At times it can throw a curve ball at the best angler around and succeed in striking him out. But there are times, like during winter, when a persistent angler can have high hopes of loading the boat or successfully succeed in fooling one of the years biggest spotted bass or largemouth bass.