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Company: Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery

Area Reporting: Cork Blackwater river in Southern Ireland

Bio: Ian is proprietor of Ireland's premier salmon fishing lodge with his wife Glenda (APGAI-IRL Salmon & Trout) Europe's highest qualified female fly-casting instructor & Emerald World Masters Ladies Salmon Distance champion.

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Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery News - December 10, 2014 (12/12/2014)
[Blackwater River,CW] [b][u]Prices Unchanged for 2015.[/u][/b] We dropped our prices significantly two years ago to combat the economic climate and to encourage more anglers to come to the Blackwater. We are keeping the prices the same for 2015.
One Fish Two Firsts! (3/06/2013)
[Blackwater River,CW] The First Spring Salmon is caught. The First Fish of the Season was caught on the Lodge beats yesterday. It was taken by Gary Byrne from Dungarvan on spinner, weighed 9.65lb & was sea-liced. It was his First Ever Salmon and his first visit to the Lodge.
Great Spring Salmon Fishing (4/16/2012)
[Blackwater River,CW] The Great Spring Fishing continues......! Despite the fact that there have not been many anglers out fishing and the water has been very low for much of the spring, we have had remarkable success.
The Second Salmon of the Season is caught on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery (2/27/2011)
[Blackwater River,CW] Only 2 rods out on the river yesterday. Tony O'Keeffe from Mallow was fishing at Kilmurry with his father Dan and caught this 6.6lb. fish on Flying C on the Island Stream on Lower Kilmurry. Sea-lice can be seen in the picture - two on the top of the tail and one below the adipose. There were more on the back & the head of the fish. They also caught a few kelts.
First Salmon of 2011! (2/05/2011)
[Blackwater River,CW] The First Spring Salmon is Landed on February 3rd.!
2010 Salmon Season Report from Blackwater Lodge (11/22/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] Finally, I have completed a report on the 2010 Season on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery. This can be found on:
Salmon Fishing Reports from Ireland's Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery) (8/04/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] The Best Ever July Catch in terms of Fish Caught per Rod Day
Catch report from Blackwater Lodge (6/14/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] Flood moves fish from tidal water! This is the water level situation at Ballyduff in the last few days.
Atlantic Salmon Fishing Reports from Ireland's Cork Blackwater river (4/12/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] Fishing the Fly at Last! The Cork Blackwater river in Ireland finally comes into order.
Third Fish of the Season (3/16/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] Third Springer is caught on the Blackwater Lodge beats
Second Spring Salmon is Caught on Ireland's Blackwater Lodge beats. (3/16/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] The Second Springer is Caught on the Blackwater Lodge beats
The First Springer is Caught on the Blackwater Lodge beats (3/09/2010)
[Blackwater River,CW] Lodge regular Gavin Wishart from Newcastle, Co. Down came down to celebrate his 40th. birthday this weekend & scooped the First Salmon of the 2010 season to be caught on the Lodge Fishery.
2009 Season Report for Ireland's Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery (11/29/2009)
[Blackwater River,CW] If you would like to see this post with graphics displayed, it can also be found on our website at
Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery (Ireland). May/June Report (7/03/2009)
[Blackwater River,CW] Report on the salmon fishing for the month of May & June
Superb Spring Salmon Fishing in Ireland (4/05/2009)
[Blackwater River,CW] Spring Atlantic Salmon Fishing on Ireland's Cork Blackwater.
First Salmon of the Season on Fly! (3/27/2009)
[Blackwater River,CW] On March 25th., the first salmon to be caught on the fly on the Blackwater Lodge Fishery this season was taken.
The First Spring Salmon of 2009 is Caught! (2/22/2009)
[Blackwater River,CW] At 17.30pm on the 19th. February, local angler Bill McNamara caught this superb fresh-run salmon - the first springer of the season on the Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery.
Count-down to Salmon Opening Day on February 1st on the Cork Blackwater (1/31/2009)
[Blackwater River,CW] The Cork Blackwater river was running very low for the time of year up until the 11th. January, when the first rain came. Since then the weather has been very wet & the level has stayed very high.
2008 Season. Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery Ireland (11/14/2008)
[Blackwater River,CW] Adapting a line from George Gershwin's famous song, Lodge proprietor Ian Powell looks at the catch statistics and explains how changing tactics helped to ensure great catches.
The 2007 Salmon Season on the Cork Blackwater (11/21/2007)
[Blackwater River,CW] Blackwater Lodge Fishery - The Net Result The Drift Nets are Gone! Larger Grilse & Summer Salmon finally return!