Fishing Articles by Guide Ian Powell

End of Season Reflections of a Female Gillie. By Glenda Powell (11/14/2008)
[Salmon] End of season so What am I doing now? There's something about this time of year when I look back and reflect with sadness that yet another season has come to a close.
A Woman with a Mission! (1/15/2008)
[Fly Fishing] Glenda Powell Ireland's World Champion Flycaster (as featured in the Countryside Alliance Ireland Newsletter, December 2007)
Salmon Feminine Style (11/21/2007)
[Fly Fishing] Let's go fishing with Glenda Powell Salmon Feminine Style Two French journalists travel to Ireland to visit the Cork Blackwater and meet a unique fisherwoman. Article written by Olivier Plasseraud (editor - Salmo magazine) & translated by Ian Powell from the French original. Photos by Marc Delacoste (assistant editor - Salmo magazine).