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How To Store a Cast Net the RIGHT WAY

Protecting your investment in catching live bait means storing it correctly so you get the most amount of life out of it. Learn how to store your cast net and prolong one your top fishing accessory in catching live bait.

How To Tie the Bimini Twist In Under 30 Seconds

The bimini twist is the only double line knot you need to know and it\'s easy!

The Only Fishing Hooks You Will Ever Need

Circle Hooks Increase Your Hook Up Ratio and Help you Catch More Fish!

Penn Fathom Star Drag-Product Review

This is a review of the key features of the new Penn Fathom Star Drag series of reels.
Plastic lures come in all shapes, colors and sizes!

Taking care of your fishing tackle can take an entire day

Cleaning out all those old tackle boxes, getting your fishing tackle organized and knowing where each and every lure is takes time. Maybe a whole day!
Shallow Water Redfish love to eat the New Berkley Gulp Fire Tail Shrimp.

Berkley Gulp Fire Tail Shrimp Review

Berkley has done it again, with there Berkley Gulp Line! Now not only great scent, but one of the best color combos on the market with the fire Tail Shrimp, this color combo has proven to be a great color changing combo over the years!
There are a lot of plastic lures, do you know where yours are?

Its Getting Near the End of Summer! Is Your Tackle Box Ready For Fall?

Sure, most anglers fish the same lures in the fall season as they do in the summer months...right? Although most anglers may agree, there are some that do not. Now is the time for getting your tackle organized for the cooler days ahead.
JJ\'s Magic Dippin Dye

JJs Magic Dippin Dye

JJ\'s Magic Dippin Dye has been a great product on my boat for bass fishing

Penn Battle Spinning Reel Product Review

Penn\'s new Battle Spinning reel is one of the best products Penn has come out with. Read and learn why this reel is et apart from all others on the market today.
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Product Review-Berkley Gulp! Ripple Mullet

Berkley Gulp\'s new Ripple Mullet is the best Gulp product I\'ve used yet. The great scent of Gulp! and now great action too!

Product Review - Penn Conquer Spinning Reel

Looking for a strong, hardworking and dependable spinning reel? Take a look at the Penn Reels Conquer series of Spinning Reels.

Polarized sunglasses a must for fishermen

Fisherman who complain of eye fatigue and headaches after a long day in the bright sun are most likely feeling the effects of excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. Take care of that problem with polarized sunglasses.

What's My Line - Choosing Fishing Line

When it comes to fishing line selection, I'm intrigued by the latest and greatest. It seems like there's something new coming out every year. The interesting aspect is that lines are continually in a state of development to make them thinner, stronger and less visible.

PENN Reels-Custom Shop

Penn reels custom shop allows you to fully customize Penn International reels; Colors, engraving and logos. Make the reel the way you want it, to match your boat and colors!
Sarah with her bluefish...

Custom Made Tackle Tips

This is about the construction of boat two rods. These rods are design to handle 10 to 12 lb. test line or braided line. They\'re designed to be trolled ot for live lining bait.
Plainfield Eyes look more realistic than others

Innovative Plainfield Eyes Bring Lures To Life

Studies show that predators usually spot the eyes of prey species first because the eyes in live creatures stand out more than the often hidden or camouflaged body. After spotting the eyes, the predators zoom in for the kill. Plainfield Eyes look more realistic than others.
Capt. Steve Niemoeller of Central Florida Guide Service shows off a bass he caught on a SteelShad blade bait while fishing on the Harris Chain of lakes near Mount Dora, Fla.  (Photo by John N. Felsher)

SteelShad among the most versatile bass fishing baits on the market

Measuring 2.5 inches and weighing 3/8-ounce, a SteelShad mimics a threadfin shad in size, movement and color. It might attract any fish that would eat a shad or a menhaden, which includes just about every predatory fish! Probably the most versatile bait on the market, a SteelShad catches fish from top to bottom. With a little manipulation, it can imitate a wounded shad struggling on the surface, a sinking baitfish or one trying to flee predators.
Masking Tape, Frozen Veggies and Pens

Getting A Stuck Fishing Rod Apart

Getting a stuck fishing rod apart can drive you bonkers, or worse, end in a broken rod. Here is a easy workable solution to this problem.
This is the look you want !!

Buzz Bait Trick

When using a buzz bait and the fish are not actually hitting the bait..aka...missing it, here is a tip to get bass to actually attack your buzz bait

Rapala Floating Minnow

The Rapala Floating Minnow, F-13, is the best bait you can get to find out the activity of bass on any lake in the world.
The Fish...

That Perfect Fishing Rod

This is about the building of the perfect rod to use with lead core line. How you explain to the builder what you want.
Tackle Bag

Winter Fishing Tackle - Clean Up...

Every now and then on those cold winter mornings, its time to settle back in a warm garage and empty out that tackle box. Throw away rusty old tackle, hooks and the like and treat yourself to a few new items.

Do custom rods make the difference?

Does the $$$ difference between a mass production rod and a custom rod make for a difference in producing fish? We at Smokin Em Charters believe so and that is just one of the reasons that custom rods are on both our inshore and offshore charter boats.

Maintaining Your Tackle: Fun or Frustration?

I can still remember my first spinning reels. They were an old Quick and a French made Centura. They were given to me by an old couple who were friends of my parents when we lived on Captiva Island. The reels were in bad need of repair.
Steve Hawley poses with guide Joel DeBoer and his big pike - being prepared made all the difference!

Be Prepared For Fishing Success

North-Central Wisconsin guide Joel DeBoer discusses the importance of "being prepared" on the water to increase your fishing success