JJ\'s Magic Dippin Dye
JJ\'s Magic Dippin Dye

Florida Bass Fishing is an amazing way to make a living. Having been fishing these waters around Central Florida for over 20 years now, I have seen bass slam a lure for years, then like a light switch they just seem to turn off. There will be days when the bass are just simply slamming your lures as they dance in front of them and then there is those day where all you feel is a very light tap on your lure.

Many people will change up lures thinking it's the lure they are presenting is not what the bass may be wanting. This generally is not the case, if the bass is willing to bump your bait you have sparked his interest in your offering. Now we just need to spice up that lure to make them commit to it.

I myself over the years have tried many different things. The paste sometimes worked, but you had to constantly apply more after so many casts. The gels were nice, but again, you found yourself wasting a lot of valuable fishing time reapplying it, and then you had it all over your hands.

There was one that allowed you to dip it, giving it a garlic scent and this did seem to work pretty good, but once again wasting a lot of time reapplying it, as all it did was put a coat on your lure which just seemed to wash off after a few casts.

Along comes JJ's Magic. This is not only a dip but a dye as well. The perfect garlic scent and coloring that penetrates the plastic. This has allowed me to fish and not worry about constantly redipping. I have applied this to a lure and let it sit outside for a week and it retained the garlic scent even after a rain storm. The product comes shipped to you in glass bottles with three colors to chose from. Chartreuse, Methylate, Blue and the Clear.

Cross dipping has with a white Zoom Fluke, you can become very creative in the color pattern you produce, or you can just simply dip the tail to add some kick to the color. Bass that had been just tapping the lure or simply mouthing the bait, were now smacking it and holding on. The bottles only cost 4.99 so it is priced very well, give it a try, you won't regret it.

About The Author: Captain Tim Fey

Company: Florida Bass Fishing Guides

Area Reporting: Central Florida

Bio: Florida Bass Fishing Guides' founder Captain Tim Fey has been fishing Central Florida lakes for over 15 years. Captain Tim Fey is a Licensed Captain with the US Coast Guard and an avid tournament angler. Captain Tim has published numerous articles on trophy bass fishing and is an advocate of C.P.R Catch, Photograph, and Release.

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