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Area Reporting: Backcountry fishing and flats fishing in the waters of Pine Island around Sanibel Island, Captiva Is

Bio: Capt. Butch Rickey spent much of his youth growing up on Sanibel and Captiva, near Ft. Myers, and has fished the waters of Pine Island Sound for much of his 60-plus years. Capt. Butch specializes in light tackle live-bait fishing for snook, redfish, tarpon, and trout in Pine Island Sound, but will be happy to accomodate any other type of fishing you want to do. You'll enjoy fishing the beautiful clear water of the shallow grass flats, mangrove keys, potholes, and oyster bars. You'll marvel at the wildlife on, in, and above the water. You'll see Florida as you always imagined it would be. A Barhopp'R trip will satisfy the fisherman, hunter, and sightseer in you. Capt. Butch is an instructional guide, and gives you only the best Shimano Stella reels and St. Croix Legend and G. Loomis rods to use. Butch is U.S. Coast Guard licensed, insured, experienced, and provides fishing license, bait, ice, digital camera, cell phone, and lots of advice and coaching when needed. He will work hard to put you on the fish.

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Making A New Friend Fishing Estero Bay (8/13/2011)
[Fort Myers,FL] Report for Week Ending 8/6/11 Only one trip again this week, but considering the tide and conditions, it was a good one.
Kayak Fishing Report For The Week Ending 7/30/11 (8/09/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] After doing several private teaching seminars during July, I finally ran a trip during the last week. It was on Friday, and was with a long-time friend/customer Mike McMahon. We go back to 1999. Mike wasn't too sure he was up to try the kayak thing, but I felt sure that if he would, he'd really enjoy it. He decided after he and Jo were already here vacationing that he would give it a go.
Kayak Fishing Report for Estero Bay for the Week of 7/02//11 (7/06/2011)
[Sarasota,FL] I ran four trips this week. All were good, but one didn't produce much in the way of fish.
Kayak Fishing Report for Pine Island Sound for the Week of 6/18/11 (6/18/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I was on vacation this week, but I did get out fishing with my friend Kevin Duffy, from Chicago. Kevin is a rabid fisherman. My favorite kind! He's also a great guy, and a very good angler.
Kayak Fishing Report for Sarasota Bay for the Week Ending 6/11/11 (6/11/2011)
[Sarasota,FL] Only one trip this week, on Friday, just before leaving on vacation. I hurriedly penned the fishing report so I would have it done, and could do the rest on vacation, but somehow lost the whole report file. It's now ten days since that trip, and I'm operating from memory only.
Kayak Fishing Report for Pine Island Sound for the Week of 6/04/11 (6/05/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] Just two trips this week. They were fun trips, but tons of floating turtlegrass made fishing hard.
Kayak Fishing Report for Pine Island Sound for the Week of 4/30/11 (5/07/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I had three trips on the books this week, but rescheduled Friday because of the threat of bad weather, which did materialize.
Report For The Week Ending 4/23/11 (5/06/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] This week was supposed to have been five trips, but one was rescheduled for the following week.
Kayak Fishing Report for Pine Island Sound for the Week of 4/16/11 (4/23/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] This was the one slow week I have during April, with only one trip. The next two weeks are busy. It was an exciting day with sharks chasing our redfish!
Kayak Fishing Report for Pine Island Sound for the Week of 4/9/11 (4/14/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] What was to be a four day week was reduced to two days of fishing by another cold front. I rescheduled two trips, which we can do with local folks.
Kayak Fishing Report for Pine Island Sound for the Week of 4/2/11 (4/03/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I had three trips scheduled again for this week, but weather forced me to reschedule one of them. Man, am I glad I did. It was a very nasty day!
Report For Week Ending 3/26/11 (3/29/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I had three trips this week. Fishing got harder as the week progressed and the tides became poor, but the first part of the week was good.
Report For Week Ending 3/19/11 (3/24/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] It was a busy week of renewing old friendships and beginning new ones, with six days scheduled on the water. One with David Twigg and his Dad. Two trips with Kelly Mack and friends, and three with my friend Brent George. Brent and I only got to do two days.
How to Sink a Native Ultimate and Still Have Fun (3/15/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I had one trip this week, and it's one I'll never forget. Thus, the title, How to Swamp An Ultimate and Still Have Fun.
Report For Week Ending 2/26/11 (3/01/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I had three trips on the books for this week, but the first one had to be canceled because of a serious illness in my friend's family. They had to cancel their whole vacation. I'm sad, of course, but when Andy reads the fishing report he's going to be even sadder. It was a good week.
Report For Week Ending 2/19/11 (2/21/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] The week actually got rolling Saturday evening, when I drove out to St. James City to spend the evening with my friend Mike Burkee, his girlfriend Lindey, brother Jeff down from Sarasota, and friends Joe and Carla, and Mom, Betty, from Wisconsin, before fishing with Mike and Joe on Sunday.
Report For Week Ending 2/12/11 (2/21/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] This was my first full week since making the switch back to kayaks. I did loose one day to weather, but it was great to be out there working and enjoying my customers and the water. Overall, we had a pretty good week in spite of the fronts that passed on Monday and Thursday.
Fishing Report For The Week Ending 2/05/11 (2/09/2011)
[Englewood,FL] I had two trips on the books for this week, but one was lost when my customer had to fly back home to deal with a furnace issue. The second trip came Friday, up in Englewood. I hadn't fished Lemon Bay in decades, and had not fished the water I selected for this trip, ever.
Report For Week Ending 1/28/11 (1/29/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] It's been a tough January for kayak fishing and business in general, but things are definitely looking up for February and March. I did run one trip this week with Tom Becker, a great guy and avid angler from Victoria, Minnesota. We had a ball.
Fishing Report For The Week Ending 1/1/11 (1/02/2011)
[Sanibel,FL] I did manage to get one trip in during the holiday week. It was with Marvin Frimmer, a delightful guy, and we had a pretty good day in the very cold water.
Report For Week Ending 11/20/10 (12/01/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Just one trip again this week, but it was a great day of redfishing from the kayaks with a great guy.
Week Ending 11/13/10 (12/01/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I only ran one kayak trip for the week. It was with my friend Cliff Young, from Eagle River, Alaska.
Week Endng 11/27/10 (12/01/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] It was a full week of kayaks and redfish!
Report For Week Ending 10/30/10 (10/31/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Only one trip this week, but it was a fun one with Blain Stobinski and his wife Julie. I fished with Blain around the same time of the year in 2008, and we had a great day. At the end of the day Blain told me it was the most fish he'd ever caught on a Florida charter. I hoped it would be another day that he could say something like that.
Report For Week Ending 10/23/10 (10/28/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] It was a busy week of kayak and Talon fishing with old friends.
Kayaking Bunch Beach (10/09/2010)
[Fort Myers,FL] I got out on Friday in the Native Manta Ray 12 Angler to explore the flats out in front of Bunch Beach. I've fished it many times during the winter when there's a ripping north wind and no water, and it can be very productive then. I haven't been out there in a long time, and besides, the world looks different from a kayak.
My Friend Dr. Ron Kolata Get To Yak First! Week Ending 9/25/10 (9/29/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I was on the water two days this week, and it sure was good to be out there. I was with an old friend and fishing buddy, Dr. Ron Kolata, who I love to fish with. My good friend Terry Ryan over in Orlando wanted to have the honor of doing the first kayak trip with me, but things just didn't work out on either end. It's only fitting that a long-time friend like Ron or Terry get to do the first kayak trip.
Report For Week Ending 9/11/10 (9/17/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I managed one trip this week, and it was on Labor Day. I had forgotten to mark the holidays on my tide chart/calendar and didn't realize that my trip with David and Jennifer Arthur, and their son Ted, was going to fall on a holiday until just days before our trip.
Week Ending 7-03-10 (7/05/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I had two trips this week. One in Pine Island Sound, and one out of Cortez on north Sarasota Bay.
Report for the Week ending 6/26/10 (6/27/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I ran one trip this week, on Tuesday. It was with the great father-son team of Roy and Zac Bibb, of Bonaire, Georgia, whom I first fished with about this time last year. Last year we spent a good bit of time running from bad weather and marooned at the Waterfront Restaurant, and managed to put together a pretty good day with some nice redfish and snook. Boy, it was sure different this year.
Report for the Week ending 6/12/10 (6/14/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I managed to get in two trips this week, and managed to catch a few fish, but the fishing in the south end of the Sound remains tough.
Report for the Week Ending 5/29/10 (6/02/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Another week of three trips. The fishing was great, but the catching leaves a lot to be desired. Yes. We were fishing in front of the full moon this week, but even for full moon tides the fishing was tough! Frankly, I don't know what's going on.
Week Ending 05-01-10 (5/02/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Late season fronts and lockjaw continue in southwest Florida!
Report for the Week Ending 4/17/10 (4/19/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I had a full week this week, but it was reduced to two trips on Monday and Friday by three very windy days. I was able to reschedule those days for later this month and next month.
Week Ending 4/10/10 - Busting Loose! Finally! (4/11/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Only one trip for the week, but it was great to be on the water when the fish finally began to bust loose. It was a great day.
Week Ending 04-03-10 (4/06/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] A week that began as a full one was ultimately reduced to two days. The bite in the Sound continued very poor last week for anything other than ladyfish and small trout, and I did a lot of schedule juggling with those who had the latitude to do so in an effort to get them into better conditions, and hopefully a better bite.
Week Ending 3/27/10 - More Of The Same (3/27/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] It was a week of more of the same; cold fronts, wind and rain, and rough waters. I didn't get on the water until Thursday.
Cold Fronts, Cold Water, and Cold Bite Continue (3/20/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] The seemingly constant cold fronts continue to bring, rain, cold, and cold water, and conspired to cut my week from four to two days of hard fishing.
Week Ending 3/6/10 - Christmas In March (3/10/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Another cold front brought storms, wind, and rain early in the week, and windy days to 33 MPH for a couple of days afterward. I finally got out Friday.
Report for the Week Ending 2/27/10 (2/28/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Only one trip to report on this week, but it was a good day with my friend Martin Wenick.
Report for the Week Ending 2/20/10 (2/20/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Well, once again this week I only managed to run 2 of my 4 scheduled trips. A snowed in Atlanta kept my friend Andy Mount from getting here on time, and unexpected schedule changes kept my old fishing buddy Dr. John Hitt from keeping his date. John may have missed some great trout fishing, as it really busted loose on Wednesday, the day before we were to fish.
Week Ending 2/6/10 (2/09/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] It was another pretty full week cut short by bad weather. I had four trips on the books, but actually got to run two of them. Even though the fishing was tough, the trips were great fun.
Report for the Week Ending 1/23/2010 (1/26/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I was beginning to think I was about to have the first January without running a trip since I began guiding over two decades ago.
Week Ending 1/2/2010 - Killing The Skunk! (1/05/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] I managed to get in two very cold trips out of three I had scheduled. By that time, the handwriting was on the wall.
Report for the Week Ending 12/12/09 (12/10/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Two trips again this week. We had progressively poorer tides as the week moved along, but we fished the best two days and did pretty well. We had to contend with fog, no-seeums, and cold water, and finally had to wait on the water to warm to get a bite.
Report for the Week Ending 6/27/09 (12/05/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] I had three trips scheduled for this week, but weather claimed Friday. Seems I can't get past the two trip barrier. Both trips were very enjoyable with old friends.
Report for the Week Ending 11/28/09 (12/02/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] I managed another two trips this week, and had good fishing, good catching, good folks, and good eats.
Report for the Week Ending 11/21/09 (11/21/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] It was another two day work week this week, but they were great days with old friends.
Week Ending 11/14/09 (11/15/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] It was another windy week as Ida made her way up the Gulf to Mississippi, and I didn't get out until Friday.
Pine Island Sound Fishing Report for the Week Ending 10/31/09 (11/03/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] I managed two trips this week. Missed one with my good friend Bruce Miller when he spent the night sick before we were to fish on Thursday.
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