Innovative Plainfield Eyes Bring Lures To Life

Author: John Felsher | Posted: 11/26/2009

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Plainfield Eyes look more realistic than others
Plainfield Eyes look more realistic than others

PLAINFIELD, Ind. Studies show that predators usually spot the eyes of prey species first because the eyes in live creatures stand out more than the often hidden or camouflaged body. After spotting the eyes, the predators zoom in for the kill.

However, "eyes" on most fishing lures frequently look nothing like real eyes. A lure might exhibit a black dot, or perhaps a black dot on a white background, but often show nothing at all. Make your lures sparkle and stand out when it really counts -- in front of a predator's face -- with the most innovative, lifelike eyes on the market!

Plainfield Tackle sells three types of realistic lure eyes in different sizes that make artificial baits seem to come alive. Available in more than 50 holographic colors and three super-detailed variations -- Classic, Ultra and Mirage these eyes all but dare predatory fish to bite. Plainfield Tackle can also fill special orders for other colors.

"The Classic Eyes have the standard round pupil," explained Michael Gibbs, president of the Plainfield, Ind.-based tackle company. "Classic Eyes are more of a throwback to the old style of lures. The Ultra Eyes have more oval or teardrop shaped pupils. Ultra Eyes are made of materials and in colors that really make these eyes stand out. Light refraction from Ultra Eyes causes fish to see the eyes first. When they do, they home in for the kill. Mirage Eyes refract light in different colors when seen at various angles, giving fish a different kind of look. People can use Mirage Eyes in fresh water, but these types of eyes more resemble fish that live in salt water."

Plainfield Tackle mostly sells these products in bulk to lure manufacturing companies. For instance, Smack Tackle added Ultra Eyes to its new Flitterbait, a lure that mimics gizzard shad. The lure combines the action and versatility of a blade bait and all the stealth and beauty of a crankbait.

"A lot of companies produce flat or two-dimensional eyes," Gibbs emphasized. "After seeing Plainfield Tackle eyes, several lure manufacturers switched from other products to ours because our eyes are so much more lifelike. Our pricing is also more competitively priced than what most companies can find elsewhere. We're coming out with some new, innovative colors to push these products to the next level in the industry."

Some companies incorporate Plainfield Tackle eyes into their lures during the manufacturing process. Others retrofit Plainfield Tackle eyes to their lure creations for more realism. Individual anglers can also rejuvenate their old tackle by placing Ultra or Mirage Eyes on their classic lures. Anglers can order whatever sizes or colors they want directly from Plainfield Tackle by visiting the website at

"It's amazing what a difference realistic eyes can make to a lure," Gibbs explained. "Fish seem to react better with our eyes attached than the standard eyes that came on many lures. Some people put our eyes on existing lures or blades and turn old, worn out baits into something completely new. Many individual anglers attach our eyes to spinnerbaits or spoons, but they can put them on anything. They have good adhesion that says secure in both salt and fresh water."

Assorted Plainfield Tackle eyes come pre-packaged 16 to 20 to a pack, depending upon size. Each pack retails for about $1.39 to $2.50. Companies can order in bulk to lower costs.

"Without a doubt, Plainfield Tackle has the most innovative eyes on the market at a competitive price," Gibbs said. "If you're a manufacturer looking for quality eyes at an affordable price, we can fulfill all your needs. Individual anglers who don't see our products in their favorite tackle stores can order directly from Plainfield Tackle."

To order or obtain more information, call 317-839-0505 or see Dealers can also order by e-mailing The company is currently seeking dealers to carry all of its various product lines.

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