Fishing Reports by Captain Gil Coombes

About The Author:

Company: Smokin Em Charters

Area Reporting: Ft. Pierce/Stuart/Miami/Key Biscayne

Bio: Capt. Gil has been fishing for over 20 years from the waters of Delaware to Florida. With a passion for the sport, not only has he strived to become one of the best Offshore Captains to fish the Treasure Coast area but also one of the top Inshore Captains. Running a 45' Trojan Custom Sportfishand 37' Luhrs Sportfish out of the Ft. Pierce are and a 20' Hewes Flats he continuously is placing fish on the docks. From Sailfish, Dolphin and Wahoo fishing Offshore to Snook, Tarpon and Redfish fishing the Inshore waters. Now with an added charter location in the Miami/Key Biscayne area fishing a 30' Ocean Runner CC is able to offer charters and his fishing knowledge in that area as well. No other charter service can provide the enthusiasm for the sport or knowledge like the crew of Smokin Em Charters.

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Holidays are over time to get back to serious fishing (1/05/2009)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the holidays it seems that charter bookings always slow down as people are buying presents instead of booking charters. Fishing pressure drops and when we finally start back up we find an abundance of fish off our coast and in our inshore waters. This has definitely held true for another year as well.
Offshore-Inshore fishing report Smokin Em Charters (11/04/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the recent cold front that has pushed through the area and waves building to near 10' not too many charter or recreational boats have been able to get offshore. Our 44' Trojan Smokin Em made it offshore late this weekend and found Kingfish, Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna.
Inshore/Offshore Florida's Treasure Coast on Fire (10/29/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With cooler temps hitting the East Coast of Florida's Treasure Coast fishing has gone absolute on fire. From Trout and Snook on the Inshore side to Wahoo, Dolphin, Blackfin Tuna and Sailfish on the Offshore.
Big seas producing great catches (10/24/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Even with mother nature seemingly throwing everything she has at us this last couple weeks of October Smokin Em Charters has been making it to the offshore fishing grounds and finding all the fish you could want.
Even with rough seas Smokin Em still fishing (10/17/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The seas have definitely been something to deal with here as of late with 2-3' one day and the next day at 4-6'. Smokin Em Charters has still been making it offshore and bringing in fantastic catches of Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel and Dolphin.
Offshore fishing Ft. Pierce (10/13/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] This last week has been absolutely off the hook with offshore fishing in the Ft. Pierce area. Dolphin, Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo and Kingfish are readily taking baits.
Treasure Coast fishing starting to heat up (10/07/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Offshore fishing has all of a sudden started to come to life for those fishing the Treasure Coast of Florida.
Inshore Fishing Improving Greatly (9/29/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] With winds laying down this week Smokin Em Too fished the Inshore water of the Indian River and found the fish more than ready to bite. Even though water clarity is not 100% we found Trout, Snook, Tarpon, Jacks and Mangrove Snapper all willing to take our baits.
Smokin Em Charters September Specials (9/16/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With kids going back to school, summer vacations coming to an end and the rising costs of fuel it's about time someone gives back a little of what has been given all through the year. September is the month for charter specials aboard Smokin Em Charters. Whether it be Offshore or Inshore we have a discounted rate for the month of September and the fishing is FANTASTIC!
Fall mullet run is on!!! (9/09/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] The fall mullet run is a much anticipated event that occurs every year in S. Florida. With this event comes rod bending and reel screaming action from Snook, Trout, Redfish, Tarpon and just about any other kind of fish you can think of.
Trying to stimulate business through hurricanes and tropical storms (9/03/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Fishing has been great other than the constant storms. Smokin EM Charters is offering for this month only FULL DAY Offshore charters for $950 and 10% off on ALL Inshore charters.
Rough seas but great fishing (9/01/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] We were lucky enough to get one day in this past weekend even though Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna are off of both coasts of Florida. With seas starting at 3-5' at first morning we knew we were in for a rough ride, just hoped the fish cooperated to take such a beating.
Faye is gone..Now is the time for the bite to go off the hook (8/24/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the passing of Tropical Storm Faye, fisherman here on the Treasure Coast of Florida are looking forward to a phenominal bite. Weedlines and temperature changes offshore and a circulation of bait inshore should make for some of the best fishing the next couple of weeks.
Inshore/Offshore Ft. Pierce (8/10/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Whether you are fishing the Inshore or Offshore you can surely expect rod bending action. With Trout, Snook, Tarpon, Snapper taking baits on the Flats and Kingfish, Sailfish and Bonito taking baits Offshore. A fun day fishing can definitely be had while fishing the Treasure Coast of Florida this time of year.
Great fish catches can be had if you work for them (7/22/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] We fished this past week and proved that the fish are in the area however you have to change up technique and work for them, however the end result is quite a few hook ups and fish to the boat.
[Fort Pierce,FL] Usually our summer fishing consists of Bonito, Barracuda and the occassional King Mackerel, however this summer has been one for the records. Cobia, King Mackerel and Sailfsih with the occassional Dolphin has made anglers smile from ear to ear.
First charter out of Miami a HUGE success (7/04/2008)
[Miami,FL] With being a new charter in any area you always worry about not being able to get on the fish. Even being one of the top dogs out of our home port in Ft. Pierce and consistently producing fish you still have those worries.
Hot weather and hot fishing in S. Florida (6/30/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Sailfish, King Mackerel bite on fire on the offshore bite. Tarpon and Trout setting the inshore bite off.
Offshore Sails and Inshore Tarpon (6/23/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Treasure Coast is on fire both Offshore and Inshore..check us out to find out how to cash in on some of the best fishing action in Florida.
Sailfish on fire offshore-Inshore action hot as well (6/19/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] This has definitely been a hot month as far as weather, however the fishing has been even hotter as of late. Sailfish offshore and Tarpon inshore are setting the reels on fire...
Last day of the west wind bite (5/27/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] As anyone knows who has fished the East Coast of the United States a West wind that has blown that direction for a week or so absolutely kills fishing. Debris and weedlines are not allowec to form except for the deepest of depths, bait schools stay out deeper and it's just hard fishing. However clients still want to go fishing on these calm west wind days and try to find fish.
Kingfish bite is on (5/22/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Early morning Kingfish bite has been fantastic! Using slow trolled ballyhoo, live baiting and drone spoons has put a lot of fish in the box weighing between 10-40 pounds.
Monster Snook off the hook! (5/05/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] Tournament fishing is all about putting that perfect sized SLOT fish in the boat, however some places are so loaded up with monster fish that it's almost impossible to do so.
Spring Dolphin run beginning (4/21/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] April and may are looked upon as a couple fo the best months on the Treasure Coast. With the Spring migration of fish such as Dolphin, Sails and many others. Fishermen know that this is the time of the year to fill up the coolers and keep rods bent.
Jensen Beach Fishing Report (4/08/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] Winds from the SW and fish bite was on wind turned to the NE and the fish got lockjaw. Even with changing conditions we still caught over 50 Trout throwing DOA Shrimp.
South Indian River Fishing still great even with the winds (4/02/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] Even with the high winds that have been blowing the last week or so, we have still been finding large concentrations of Trout and Redfish. Snook have been cruising the flats looking for a quick meal as well.
Good fishing being found off Treasure Coast (4/01/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Even with 3-4' seas we were still able to fish offshore this past Sunday and found Dolphin, Wahoo and that Blue Marlin lurking in the deep off of Ft. Pierce. We ended the day as the top charter boat for both Harbortown and the City Docks.
Trout action off the hook! (3/28/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] Got a late start to fishing the Flats, however the fishing was so fast and furious that we ended up back at the dock in less than 4 hours. DOA Shrimp thrown into potholes just irresistable.
West Wall producing (3/14/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] Redfish and Snook hanging closr to docks with Trout hitting almost anything swimming through the potholes. This is the time of the year for slower presentation to put fish in the boat.
Back country fishing on fire! (3/12/2008)
[Port St. Lucie,FL] With all the different fronts moving in and out of the area and winds sometimes gusting to 20 mph, back country fishing can always be a productive way to spend the day catching fish.
Even though windy, still catching fish (3/08/2008)
[Port St. Lucie,FL] Feb. and March are usually one of the windiest months in South Florida and this year has been no different. Constant fronts bumpin in and out of the area sometimes makes for difficult fishing, however those of us who know where to get out of that wind are still catching fish.
Ft. Pierce Inlet alive at night (2/26/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the last couple of days being warm the Ft. Pierce Inlet has simply come alive.
Hot and cold fishing (2/25/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Offshore fishing this Saturday was definitley hot and cold. You would be in one area and finding fish and move slightly out of the area and catch nothing. However we did end up with a fair catch coming to the docks.
Back country fishing productive (2/18/2008)
[Port St. Lucie,FL] We started the morning out with a "wolf pack" of hungry Jack Crevalle hitting everything in their way as we rounded the first corner of the North Fork. Launching out of Rivergate park and heading south into the North Fork, we knew this was the start of a rod bending day.
Power Plant Flats (2/17/2008)
[Jensen Beach,FL] With the numerous fronts bouncing in and out of the area fishing on the flats now takes more patience. The fish are much more lethargic and not as apt to make a long run on a bait.
Feb. fishing off to a great start (2/13/2008)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Winter brings great fishing action here on the Treasure Coast for both Offshore and Inshore anglers. If the last week is any indication as to how things are going to be we are in for a fantastic season.
Just about jumping in boat (9/02/2007)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The trout action was so unreal this weekend that the Trout were just about jumping into the boat. This unbelieveable action will only improve as the mullet run begins.
The Flats are only going to get better!! (8/27/2007)
[Indian River,FL] We here at Smokin Em Charters know this is hard to beleive but the Flats fishing will only get better as soon as the Mullet run begins. The action has been nothing short of phenominal and we look forward to the Fall season.
Off the hook Flats action (8/11/2007)
[Fort Pierce,FL] This week proved to be nothing short of spectacular for inshore fishing. Snook, Trout and Redfish are anxiously taking baits.
Offshore action is Awesome Off St. Lucie! (8/14/2006)
[Stuart,FL] People have heard reports of offshore action being cold, however most of the guys reporting the offshore action as being cold are Inshore Guides. Please do not listen to their reports. The action off the beach is on fire!!
Inshore Action continues to produce (8/07/2006)
[Stuart,FL] Inshore fishing is just starting to really heat up! It's only going to get better!
Sailfish action ALIVE off of St. Lucie (8/07/2006)
[Stuart,FL] Sailfish action should be on the decrease until mid winter however tell the fish that. The Sailfish action has been fantastic!