Fishing Reports by Captain Jot Owens

About The Author: Captain

Company: Jot It Down Fishing Charters LLC

Area Reporting: Southeast NC Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington

Bio: Captain Jot Owens, IV, born and raised in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, has been fishing the waters of the Cape Fear, Masonboro Sound and the North Atlantic Ocean for thirteen years. He began his career at the age of 15 commercial fishing for Grouper and King Mackerel. After the experience in commercial fishing, he began working as a Mate on a charter boat that specialized in offshore fishing for King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, tuna, Wahoo and billfish. During this time he made offshore rigs and prepared baits for the charters. In 2000, Jot began work as a Mate on The Fortune Hunter. During the six years Jot worked as a Mate, he was working towards his Captain s license. In February 2002, he achieved his goal of obtaining his Captain s license. Since this time, Jot has been the Master and Captain of the Fortune Hunter Too, fishing for trout, Red Drum, Flounder, Cobia, Tarpon and many other species. Today Captain Jot runs his own boat; the (Jot It down). Captain Jot enjoys everyday he is on the water and brings his passion for fishing to his customers by teaching new techniques and providing knowledge about the many different species of fish found on the East Coast. He looks forward to sharing with you the many fishing techniques that he is so passionate about.

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Winter is here, time to find the Right days to fish (2/02/2018)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] A Rollercoaster of weather lately but we've had some warm very nice days mixed in. Pick the right days and you'll catch fish. Here is the target fish I like to pursue during February.
February Report/Forecast (2/03/2017)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The Mild winter has giving more shots to hit the water. The warmer water temps are helping the bite!
December Southeast NC Report/Forecast 2016 (12/05/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] A Inshore Saltwater Southeast North Carolina Fishing Report/Forecast. Covering SC/NC line to Morehead City NC, for the month of December.
November 2016 Fishing Forecast (11/02/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Crazy good Speckled trout season so far! It will only get better with cooler weather coming!
Wrightsville September report/Forecast (8/31/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall fishing is upon us! With cooler weather comes better fishing!
Wrightsville Beach, NC August Fishing Forecast (7/28/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Hot Weather is good for fishing, you just need to change up how you fish. Early, later, raining....
June Forecast/Report 2016 (6/07/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The fishing has been very good and the weather is finally starting to get right. This will open the summer fishing up!
May 2016 Fishing Forecast (5/02/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Summer is almost here and the weather is just right for fishing. Early showings is the name of the game this year, with most fish showing up two to three weeks ahead!
Southeast NC Fishing Forecast Inshore March 2016 (3/03/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] A mild spring has really helped fishing this year. It should only continue to pick up!
February SE NC Fishing Forecast/Report (1/20/2016)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] It is Winter here in Southeast NC, but the fishing can be good! Pick your days and you'll catch fish!
December Fishing Report/Forecast 2015 (12/09/2015)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] We've had a very mild Fall so far and the fishing is only getting better. The bigger trout are just starting to show up now!
Wrightsville Beach November Fishing Forecast (11/02/2015)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With the mild temps we've had the fishing should be very good for November. I think we will see some of the biggest Speckled trout we've seen in many years this year around Wrightsville Beach!
September Fishing Report/Forecast (9/01/2015)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With fall coming the fishing will only get better! The bait run has started this will help greatly too!
September Fishing Report/Forecast (9/01/2015)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With fall coming the fishing will only get better! The bait run has started this will help greatly too!
Wrightsville Beach, NC August fishing forecast (7/28/2015)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Hot weather fishing can be good, but you have to adjust your fishing. Good early or late to find cooler waters.
Wrightsville area waters fishing forecast May/June (4/14/2015)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] May is the gateway to great summer fishing, by June the fishing is in full swing!
Novenber is Troutember! (10/31/2014)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Speckled trout is the name of the Game during November around Wrightsville Beach, NC
August 2014 Report/Forecast (8/04/2014)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fishing is picking up and the rain is finally letting up too! Good catches of Flounder and Redfish are coming in; the shark fishing is picking up too!
Area Water Fishing Report & Forecast (4/04/2014)
[Wilmington,NC] The weather has finally made the move to warm. The water temps are on the rise and fishing will only get better!
Wrightsville Beach Fishing Repor/Forecast December 2013 (11/21/2013)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The up and down weather has made it hard! We have put some nice trout in the boat and cooler weather will only make it better!
Wrightsville Beach Fishing Report/Forecast (8/14/2013)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The fishing has been pretty good with all the rain we have had lately and I hope with fall on the way it will get dryer and the fishing will get only better!
Wrightsville Beach Forecast and Report July (7/01/2013)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Now that the rain is finally going to stop its time to go fishing! the waters will clear up soon and the fishing will bitE!!!
Wrightsville Beach, NC Fishing Forecast June 2013 (6/04/2013)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The Summer fishing is really starting to get right around our area! With all the nice weather the fishing is great and will be great for a while!
Wrightsville Beach May Fishing Forecast (4/29/2013)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With Summer weather all but here the fishing is really starting to get right. May is really the break out month for fishing this area!
Up & Down Weather=Good Fishing at Wrightsville Beach, NC (1/30/2013)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With the up and down weather we have had, the fishing is good but you have got to pick your days
January Fishing Forecast and Report (12/30/2012)
[Wilmington,NC] Winter fishing is going good and the water temps are good. The up and down weather we are having should keep the bite going good for a while!
Late Fall Fishing is great around Wrightsville Beach! (12/06/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With the weather going up and down the fishing has been very good! Lots of very nice Speckled trout coming to the boat!
Wrightsville Beach, NC November Fishing Report/Forecast (11/01/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With Fall showing strong this week after the storm fishing is really picking up!
Wrightsville Beach, NC Fall Fishing is getting Cranked Up! (10/03/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With cooler weather the fishing is getting better. The fishing will only get better with fall weather.
Spetember Wrightsville Beach, NC Fishing Report! (9/11/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Cooler weather is really getting the fishing fired up around the Wrightsville Beach, NC Time to get the fall fishing trips lined up!
Wrightsville Beach, NC Fishing Report (8/01/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Its mid summer and the fishing is going strong. With a few cooler days, the fishing is even better!
Hot Weather & Hot Fishing around Wrightsville Beach Waters! (6/26/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Summer weather is here and bait is showing up too! With these key changes the fishing is good and will only get better around area waters!
Summer is here, time to go fishing-Report (5/30/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Warmer weather is really pushing in more fish erveyday. The fishing will only get better with the weather and bait fish showing up.
Summer Weather and Great Fishing around Wrightsville (5/04/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Warmer weather is here and the fish are here with it! The bigger fish are showing up everyday and I can't wait to get out everyday; booking up Fast!
Spring is in the Air and the fishing is more like Summer! (3/26/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Great Weather and Great fishing with it! I can't believe how nice the weather and fishing has been this month!
Warm Winter has made the Fishing Great at Wrightsville Beach (2/09/2012)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Warm Temps and Waters has made this one of the best winters of fishing for the area in a long time! With the warm weather the fishing should keep going strong!
Wrightsville Beach Mild Winter Fishing is Great! (12/14/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Mild weather and Great fishing tomorrows high is 70`!!!! Wow Warm weather and great fishing!
Wrightsville Beach Speckled Trout bite on Fire! (11/23/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Some of the best Trout fishing around Wrightsville Beach this year and it should last untill late December!
Wrightsville Beach Fall Fishing is going strong! (10/29/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The fall weather has started that good'ole fall bite and the fishing is good! This great fishing should go strong until early December!
Fall Fishing & Weather; nothin better around Wrightsville Beach! (9/27/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall is on our door step and the fishing is picking up big time! Fishing will only get better with time and temps!
Wrightsville Beach, Late Summer Fishing is on Fire! (9/07/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With Fall just around the corner fishing is picking up and it will only get better!
Wrightsville's Summer Fishing is Here! (7/21/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Hot Weather has taking over the area but fishing is still good!
Hot Weather and Hot Flounder Fishing around the area (6/29/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With the hot weather the fishing is picking up and the Flounders are biting great! Big fish are hitting the deck everyday!
Summer time Fishing has made it to Wrightsville Beach and its Good! (6/09/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Summer fishing has hit out area and there are so many fish to target aroud the area!
Wrightsville Beach, NC Summer Fishing at its Best! (5/26/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Hot weather has really warmed up the local waters. With all this warm water comes more bait and good fishing!
May is a great mouth around Wrightsville Beach for Fishing! (5/10/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Warm weather and good fishing! Fishing is about two weeks ahead of last year and it looks to be a great season so far!!!
The weather is getting hot and the fishing is already hot around Wrightsville (4/26/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The weather can't get much better and with the great weather great fishing has come with it!
Wrightsville Beach, NC Spring Report (4/13/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Warmer Weather has really gotten the fishing jump started around the area. Fsihing willonly get better with all this nice weather!
Great Early Spring Weather and Great Early Spring Fishing! (2/25/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Wow, great weather has come in to the Wrightsville and Wilmington area. With this nice weather the fishing has really picked up!
Wilmington Winter Fishing is Going Now. (1/31/2011)
[Wilmington,NC] Winter fishing is going on now, pick your fishing days and you will catch fish.
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