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It's June, summer is really here and the fishing is starting to come to its summer peak! June is one of my favorite fishing months around Wrightsville and can be the best one! By June the bait has shown up in good numbers and the game fish are looking for an easy snack! Here are some of my "goto" target fish for June around Wrightsville Beach.

Everybody loves to catch and eat Flounder; they are really getting their act together by June. You can find Flounder just about anywhere when June rolls in, just knowing where to look to find the keepers is the key! In the Wrightsville area, I look for keeper Flounder around deeper channel drop-offs; in waters of five to fifth-teen feet deep. The local inlets, Carolina Beach, Masonboro, Mason's and Rich's inlets are always a good place to find some keeper size Flounders. Last but certainly not least, are the artificial reefs, ledges and hard/live bottoms from one to ten miles off the beach, these areas always hold very nice Flounder in June.

Once you have found some Flounder you need to know how to catch'em. If you want to go the artificial root, try bigger baits; this will greatly help you catch more keeper size Flounder. I prefer Berkley Gulp five and six inch Jerkshad in colors pearl white, chart pepper neon and new penny. Another great Flounder bait is the Berkley Gulp 4 inch shrimp pattern, this bait is great for cast up and down inshore drop-offs in creek channels. I rig these baits on jig heads in sizes 1/8oz to 5/8oz for inshore and 1/2oz to 3/4oz for ocean fishing; in colors red, gray and white.

If you would like to go with live bait for the Flounders, try mud minnows, small mullets or small menhaden as live bait. Rig these live baits on Carolina rigs with an Eagle Claw L42 1/0 hook, eight to fourteen inches of thirty to forty pound fluorocarbon as leader. I prefer egg sinkers as my weight, the secret to how much weight you use is 'as much as you need to stay on the bottom but as least as you can get away with.' You need to be on the bottom for Flounder but going lighter will always get you more bites!

Redfish are in there summer trend by June and the trick to summer Reds is go early before that sun is high and hot in the sky. Topwater lures and rattling corks in the shallow waters earlier mornings and afternoons will produce Redfish. I prefer MirrOlure Top dog Jr's and Top Pup's for great 'walk the dog action'. Working grubs like Berkley Gulp later in the day in deeper waters will also produce Reds for you. Slow rolling spinner baits with a Berkley Gulp Ripple Mullet (four inch) in the color root-beer gold/chart tail as the trailer has produced me some nice Reds when the water heats up. Sometimes it can be just like colder mouths, slow down your presentation a little when the water gets hot. Give the Redfish a little more time to catch up with your bait when the water temp is over eighty degrees.

Last but never least; Cobia fishing is in full swing by early June and should be good until early July; it's already been a great year! I look for Cobia around inlets, shoals and bait schools; near shore/offshore reefs and ledges are also a good place to look too. With the water being clear most of the time in June it should easier to see those brown logs in the water. I like to throw big jigs, swim baits and live bait to the Cobia. Color really does not seem to matter, but (go bright); Blue Water Candy makes a great Cobia jig but I always add a Berkley Gulp six inch grub! When I'm not sight casting for them, we are fishing around inlets, shoals and near shore artificial reefs. I float fish, bottom fish and kite fish in these areas with live menhaden, blues and mullet as bait. You can chum if you like, but the sharks and Rays will come in numbers!

Tackle run down: PENN Battle II & Clash Spinning reels 2500, 3000 & 4000 sizes for the Redfish and Flounder. Cobia: PENN SpinFisher V & Clash 6000 & 7000 and PENN 20LW Fathom casting reels. Rods PENN Battalion and Regiment 6'6" & 7' medium and med/heavy for the Redfish and Flounder. Cobia Rods: PENN Rampage or Carnage II Jigging series 50 to 100 class casting and spinning. Line Spiderwire Ultra-cast in ten and fifth-teen pound and Berkley Pro Spec Chrome mono in twenty and thirty pound for the Cobia; that is great line!!!

I hope summer fishing is good to you and thanks for reading!

Capt. Jot Owens

PENN Reels Elite Pro Staff


Fish Species: Redfish, Flounder, Cobia
Bait Used: Berkley Gulp, Saltwater Assassin, MirrOlure
Tackle Used: PENN Rods and Reels
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
74 pound Cobia
74 pound Cobia

Flounder Love Berkley Gulp Jerkshad!
Flounder Love Berkley Gulp Jerkshad!

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Jot Owens

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