Taking care of your fishing tackle can take an entire day

Author: Captain Reed Montgomery | Posted: 10/12/2011

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Plastic lures come in all shapes, colors and sizes!
Plastic lures come in all shapes, colors and sizes!

It takes sharp hooks to catch a bass this size!
It takes sharp hooks to catch a bass this size!

Getting organized and taking care of all of those tempting little offerings we as anglers call "lures" may call for setting aside an entire day.

First take out all of those dozen or so tackle boxes out of your boat and place each box laying flat and opened. Then go through each box and take out all lures that do not belong with others and place them in their rightfull box and lable them.

This is not as easy as it seems. Most anglers have plenty of lures, but each lure type can be broken down into smaller catagories. For instance shallow diving crankbaits, mid runners and deep divers.

But do these crankbaits have round lips, square billed lips or coffin shaped bills? Are they all white, baitfish colored, crayfish colored, or chartreuce and lime? Do they have rattles or do they come without rattles?

So as you can see there catagories.

If you only have a few of each type its easy to store them in jusy a few boxes. But if you have a lot of each kind you can either store them, all cramped into a few boxes or catagorize each and every lure type in a box all its own.

After doing so, then take every lure out of each and every box and place them in neat pile, all together in each catagory. Then wipe out each box and re-lable it with a fresh black magic marker.

Before replacing each lure back in its now clean and rightfull container, inspect it. Does it need new hooks or just its hooks sharpened? With the hooks removed its time for other chores, like cleaning those lures.

Is it cracked requiring a little super glue? Does the paint job need a touch up? Or is the lure just dirty and needs a little soap and water and some good rubbing to make it look like new? How about split rings? Rusted or opened up split rings need replacing.

Spinnerbaits, jigs and buzzbaits may need new skirts, their hooks sharpened or some with blades, shined up real good. To make the skirts on these types of lures last longer wrap a small wire tie around them and snip off the excess end.

Even lure accesories may need to be placed in the right box and replaced or cleaned up. Like bullitt weight worm sinkers. Wipe them off and take a wire and plunge out the holes.

Stock up on jig heads, hooks of all sizes and types, and trailer hooks with surgical tubing to hold them on. Even cleaning each and every blade on your spinnerbaits will take a lot of time and lots of effort.

Sharp hooks are a must. Inspect every lure and sharpen or replace the lures hooks. If they are just to old or rusted with no hook tip remaining, they will likly cause you to lose a fish otherwise.

When your all through and done and you know where each and every lures is, you will find a feeling of accomplishment and it will always make your fishing day go a little better when you successfully land that throughly hooked bass!!

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