Fishing Reports by Guide Joel DeBoer

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Company: Wisconsin Angling Adventures

Area Reporting: Central and Northern Wisconsin

Bio: Greetings and welcome to the Northwoods! My name is Joel DeBoer; I grew up fishing the waters of Central and Northern Wisconsin and enjoying the beauty of Wisconsin's outdoors - I can guarantee you will enjoy them as well! As owner of Wisconsin Angling Adventures, I'll work hard to keep you on the fish and show you a good time out on the water! Through countless days and nights on the water, I have worked hard to uncover local "hotspots" while prefecting the techniques necessary to produce trophy fish from them. I have been an active member of Muskies Inc. and Bill's Musky Club, and am responsible for numerous awards for muskies caught and released by my clients as well as myself. In addition to guiding, I am an active musky tournament fisherman, having multiple Top 10 finishes. Not only do I fish tournaments for muskies, but a variety of local tournaments for walleyes and bass. I am active on the internet - providing articles and fishing reports to over 15 different web sites, in addition to doing web-radio shows. I am a published outdoor author and educator, including my weekly column, "The Guides Corner" in the Everest Herald. I specialize in multi-media presentations and seminars on the vast aspects of musky fishing. Please feel free to email me, at ANY time. In addition, take an opportunity to visit my bio pages at the St. Croix Rod or VMC Hooks Pro-Staff pages as a further reference. I am thankful to the wonderful companies I am privileged to work with promotionally: Bait Rigs * DeLONG Lures * Ducktail Lures * Dunwright Tackle * Frabill * Mepps * Mister Twister * Mercury * Optima Batteries * Pure Fishing (Abu Garcia, Berkley, Stren) * Roberts Outdoors * St. Croix * VMC Hooks

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Wausau/Central WI fishing report (7/19/2010)
[Wausau,WI] Despite recent heavy rainfall, fishing in the greater Wausau area for musky, walleye, smallmouth bass, and panfish continues to be excellent!
North-Central WI fishing report (6/28/2010)
[Wausau,WI] BIG muskies have been hitting in the North-Central WI area, as have smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, and catfish!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (5/18/2010)
[Wausau,WI] Excellent multi-species action is available right now in the Wausau, WI area!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (5/10/2010)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Good multi-species action remains in the Wausau area despite the recent cool-down. Bluegills, crappies, walleyes, smallmouth bass, and pike are all shallow and biting readily!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (7/27/2009)
[Wausau,WI] Cooler temps lately, but the fishing continues to be quite good for a variety of species!
Excellent Early Summer Multi-Species Action! (5/27/2009)
[Wausau,WI] From muskies to crappies, a host of fish species are currently actively biting in the greater Wausau, WI area right now!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (5/11/2009)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Fantastic fishing opportunities await those traveling to the Wausau, WI area!
Warm Temps bring HOT fishing! (4/29/2009)
[Wausau,WI] It's a great time to visit the Wausau/Central WI area as the fishing keeps getting better and better!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (4/14/2009)
[Wausau,WI] Beautiful spring weather has the water temperatures rising, and the fish activity on fire!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (4/02/2009)
[Wausau,WI] Open water opportunites are increasing every day, and with them, some exciting walleye fishing!
Wausau/Central WI fishing report (3/17/2009)
[Wausau,WI] Warmer weather has led to a 'hot' bite in the greater Wausau area for a variety of species!
Wisconsin River fishing report - Wausau, WI (3/04/2009)
[Wausau,WI] As spring continues to approach, both ice and open water fishing opportunities are presenting themselves in the greater Wausau area!
Wausau, WI Area Fishing Report (2/23/2009)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Fishing is very good in the Wausau/Central WI area, and with warmer weather approaching, will only continue to get better!
Wausau Area Fishing Report (2/05/2009)
[Wausau,WI] Walleyes, pike, and catfish are all providing loads of fun in the Wausau area!
Wausau, WI Fishing Report (1/21/2009)
[Wausau,WI] Despite recent cold weather, the arrival of warmer temperatures is seeing the fishing heat up!
Cold Weather=BIG Fish! (11/12/2008)
[Wausau,WI] The waters of North-Central Wisconsin teem with a variety of trophy fish species - now is the time to catch a true giant!
Fantastice Fall Fishing in the Wausau, WI Area (10/05/2008)
[Wausau,WI] With a variety of active species available right now, the Wausau, WI area is an anglers paradise!
Wisconsin River (Wausau area) Report (8/07/2008)
[Wausau,WI] Excellent summer angling opportunities await those fishing in the Wausau, WI area!
Wisconsin River (Wausau, WI area) fishing report (7/23/2008)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Excellent fishing continues for a host of species in the greater Wausau, WI area!
Wausau, WI Area fishing report (7/10/2008)
[Wausau,WI] Hot weather and hot fishing continues in North-Central Wisconsin!
Hot Weather = Hot Fishing! (6/26/2008)
[Wausau,WI] From muskies to catfish, from walleyes to crappies - a host of species are currently active in the Wausau area!
Wausau, WI Area fishing report (6/16/2008)
[Wausau,WI] Despite recent rain and high water, fishing remains very good for an array of species!
Wausau, WI Area Fishing Report (5/29/2008)
[Wausau,WI] Excellent fishing awaits those traveling to the Wausau, WI area for a variety of species!
Wisconsin RIver Musky Report (5/27/2008)
[Wisconsin River,WI] The Wisconsin musky opener has arrived, and a good opener it was indeed!
Hot Fishing in Wausau, WI! (5/16/2008)
[Wausau,WI] A variety of species currently acitve make the Wausau, WI area one of the "go-to" places right now for fish catching action!
Walleye and Pike await anglers in Marathon County! (2/27/2008)
[Marathon County,WI] As cabin fever strikes hold, a variety of angling opportunities await anglers willing to venture forth in the Marathon County, Wisconsin area.
Lake Wausau a good bet for February! (2/04/2008)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Lake Wausau, a reservoir of the Wisconsin River, is host a variety of angling opportunities in February.
Great Ice Fishing continues! (1/15/2008)
[Northern Wisconsin,WI] A variety of species - walleye, pike, panfish, and even channel catfish are hungrily providing action in the North-Central WI area.
Hot Walleye Ice-Fishing! (12/27/2007)
[Big Eau Pleine Reservoir,WI] Ice fishing for walleyes has been great recently, with quality fish in the low to middle 20" range common!
Wausau, WI Ice Fishing Report (12/17/2007)
[Wausau,WI] Ice conditions continue to improve making a variety of fish available to anglers. Several species are active in the Wausau, WI area right now...
Ice Fishing Report 12/03/07 (12/03/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Ice fishing is upon us here in North-Central Wisconsin. A variety of species are active right now including bluegill, crappie, walleye, and northern pike.
Autumn Fishing is Heating Up! (10/26/2007)
[Marathon County,WI] Autumn fishing in our area continues to heat up as the temperatures drop. Excellent angling opportunities are to be had RIGHT NOW for both trophy walleye and muskies!
Wausau, WI area fishing report (8/13/2007)
[Wausau,WI] Good multi-species action continues in the Wausau, WI area
Wausau, WI area fishing report (8/01/2007)
[Wausau,WI] Hot weather continues in our area but leads to some great multi-species opportunities!
Wausau, WI area fishing report (7/19/2007)
[Marathon County,WI] Beautiful summer days and nights have accompanied some excellent multi-species action in the greater Wausau area as of late.
Despite cold front, fishing still good! (7/11/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Despite the recent cold front, the Wisconsin River system is continuing to produce quality fish! Today saw temperatures in the 70's only compared to the 80's and 90's of the past week. Fishing spots more thoroughly and a bit slower was in order, but we managed a mixed bag today...
Wisconsin River - Wausau area fishing report (7/09/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] As the dog days of summer have reached us here in the North-Central Wisconsin area, fishing has remained good during the morning and evening hours, with terrific sunburn action during the mid-day period available...
Marathon County fishing report (7/01/2007)
[Marathon County,WI] Action continues to be excellent for walleye, smallmouth bass, and musky in the Marathon County area.
Wisconsin River fishing report (6/18/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] The Wisconsin River has been HOT, HOT, HOT! Big muskies, pike, bass, walleyes, and panfish are biting hard and fast in our area!
Wausau area offering great fishing! (6/03/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] An assortment of gamefish species are active right now in the greater Wausau area making for some exciting angling opportunities!
Smallies and Muskies Active on the Wisconsin River (5/22/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] This past weekend, the Wisconsin River system in our area again showed why it is a fish factory by producing numbers of smallies, muskies, and walleye!
Wisconsin River fishing report (5/08/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] The fishing is good for a variety of species on the WI River system right now.
Wausau Area fishing report (4/30/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Smallmouth Bass fishing on the Wisconsin River has been excellent; numbers of quality fish are showing up each day.
Wisconsin River fishing report (4/25/2007)
[Wisconsin River,WI] Smallmouth bass and walleye fishing has been RED HOT on the Wisconsin River in the greater Wausau area.