Fishing Reports by Captain Woody Gore

About The Author: Captain

Company: Captain Woody Gore Charters

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater

Bio: Born and raised in Tampa, Capt. Woody developed a passion for fishing as a child and years later, he is still expanding his fishing knowledge base and skill levels. Now with over 50 years of worldwide fishing experience he does everything possible to create an unforgettable and world class fishing adventure.

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Fishing Tampa Bay Waters (5/16/2019)
[Tampa,FL] FWC extends red tide fisheries conservation measures extended several fisheries management conservation measures for red drum, snook and spotted seatrout in areas of southwest Florida. Learn more at The closure extension for red drum, snook and spotted seatrout will go into effect May 11 thru 2020 and will apply from the Pasco-Hernando county line south (including all waters of Tampa Bay) through Gordon Pass in Collier County.
Cooling Water Temperatures Turning On The Bite (10/09/2017)
[Tampa,FL] The fall season is slowly approaching. We are welcoming the change as the fishing certainly picks up for snook and redfish.
Fall Fishing Mullet Run (9/26/2017)
[Tampa,FL] The mullet run has been kicked off my Hurricane Irma and we are catching a variety of fish here in Tampa Bay.
Tampa Bay Fishing Report (11/26/2013)
[Tampa,FL] It's a great time of the year to fish the negative tides of the coming winter months. The low tides force the fish into the low areas making them easier to find. So if you're the adventurous type break out the wader and hit the flats.
Tampa Bay Fishing Report (3/21/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Finally winter is over and spring is here. Now is the time to dig out those rods and reels and check out the boat, it's time for another great summer of fishing. Throughout the wintertime fishing was consistently poor with cold weather, cold water temperatures and high winds. Thankfully it's over and the fishing should pick up as our water temperatures return to normal and the bait shows up on the flats.
Winter Bite is On - Slow is the Key (1/19/2010)
[Tampa,FL] The the fish are starting to eat after last week severe cold snap. Lot's of dead fish, but not as many snook as I thought.
Good Snook and Redfish Bite (11/02/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Even though the bait was small the bite was good. It was difficult to find greenbacks on any size on the flats but if you're will to make the run the south end of the Skyway Fishing Pier is loaded.
Plenty of Fish to Be Caught (10/20/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Despite the winds the fish are still eating. The redfish and snook bites been great along with the occasional gator trout.
Redfish Everywhere (10/20/2009)
[Tampa,FL] On the last few trips we've had a nice redfish bite. Caught several in the slot and some oversize. Plenty of snook still around and eating white bait
Plenty of Fish (10/12/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Had a good day with snook and redfish. Plenty of fish but difficult getting them to eat. Water temperatures still high for October.
Tampa Bay Fishing With Live Bait (9/01/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Great morning fishing trip. Caught plenty of fish on live bait.
Great Fishing - Dodging Thunderstorms (7/05/2009)
[Tampa,FL] We had a great day Friday catching plenty of quality fish. However, we spent a part of the time dodging thunderstorms.
Good Fathers Day Weekend Trips (6/23/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Ran two trips on Saturday and to on Sunday. Hot would be an understatement. I think we drank everything in the cooler.
Mackerel, Bluefish & Tarpon in Tampa Bay (6/18/2009)
[Tampa,FL] The mackerel, bluefish, snapper and gags bite's been exceptional around Tampa Bay. Plenty of action on moving water.
Fishing Great on Tampa Bay (6/12/2009)
[Tampa,FL] The bites on in Tampa Bay. Everything is eating but it's hot and getting hotter. Drink lots of fluids.
Trout Bite Good (3/22/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Plenty of fish in Clearwater and they are still eating. Given the number of anglers targeting this area it's up to us to protect this wonderful fishery.
Fish Are Eating... Finally (3/22/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Warm waters, plenty of bait and diminishing cold fronts are turning on the fishing in Tampa Bay. We are catching plenty of nice fish.
Goods Friends Fishing (1/29/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] It was a good day fishing with past clients. They are not just clients but over the years have become friends.
Plenty of Hungry Trout Today 01/24/09 (1/25/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] They're were back in full swing today and eating live shrimp. We probably caught 35-40 nice fish in about four hours.
They Started Eating Again 01/23/09 (1/24/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] I was worried the fish would not eat again today. However after the sun got up around 11 AM they began to get a little active.
Too Cold For The FIsh (1/22/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Cold freezing temperatures and high pressure shut them down today. It's not often we go fishing and can't get them to eat but today was one of those days.
Cold Cold Cold & Windy (1/21/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] It was really cold today but we got a bite going for about an hour. Had to fish canals to stay out of the wind.
Specks Biting in Toho (1/20/2009)
[Kissimmee,FL] Traveled to the South Port ramp for some Crappie or Specked Perch as us crackers call them. Got a nice limit of big specs.
Weather Man Wrong (1/19/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Weatherman Said Don't Go! But we took our chances based on meteorologist past performance. It was a beautiful day early and didn't turn sour until later in the day.
Winter Trout Fishing (1/17/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Cold morning winds made it hard to fish. This cracker is not used to and doesn't like cold weather but with enough clothes it's bearable.
South Bay Redfish (1/15/2009)
[Tampa,FL] It was one of those easy bait days and the fish cooperated as well. Even though it was cool the redfish didn't seem to mind.
Drastic Weather Change (1/14/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] It's often said that fish eat good on approaching fronts and yesterday proved it. While they stopped eating live bait they devoured artificial lures.
Cold Front Coming - Fish Still Eating (1/12/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] The approaching cold front did not stop the bite. It did slow it down some first thing in the morning but it picked as the tide began flowing.
Another Low Water Day (1/11/2009)
[St. Petersburg,FL] You really can't beat low tide days. Wading is one of the best ways to fish this low water.
Low Water Redfish & Trout (1/10/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] It was a super negative tide this morning. That's always good because you know where the fish are.
Fish on Bridges & Rock Piles (1/08/2009)
[Tampa,FL] It was a windy day so I stay downtown around the bridges, and rivers. Found plenty of fish willing to eat.
Big Reds on Topwater (1/07/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Redfish were destroying topwater lures in shallow water flats. Slow walk the lure across broken bottom pot holes and hang on.
Sea Trout Bite (1/05/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] We had an excellent Trout bite last Saturday. Light winds but plenty of anglers.
Windy Day on the Water (12/22/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Cold weather and high winds would not stop these guys. In from West Virginia we braved the elements to catch a few fish.
Grouper Inside (12/22/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Plenty of nice fish around the Skyway Bridge and Egmont Key Shipping Channel. It just takes a little work to find them
Trolling for Grouper in Tampa Bay (12/22/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Excellent day on the water trolling for inshore grouper. Caught 19 with 11 over 22 inches
Tampa Bay Fishing Report (7/30/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Storm day but the fish finally began feeding. Dodged thunderstorms all morning but had a decent catch.
Trout Are Still Hot In Tampa Bay (7/09/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Trout are still biting in deeper water grass. Free lined greenbacks are doing the trick.
Good Day for a Weekend (6/30/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Sunday was a good day on the water despite all the boat traffic. Plenty of good fishing off the beaten paths. Fishing the open water for Mackerel and Trout was a bit bumpy from boat wakes but the wind calmed nicely.
Tampa Bay Open Water (6/26/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Big Macks and Blues are in Tampa Bay. Large Flounder and Seatrout are cruising the deeper grass flats.
Tampa Fishing Report June 2008 (5/29/2008)
[Tampa,FL] As a strong advocate of catch and release I thought I'd put a few words together about catching and safe leasing the things that bring us so much enjoyment. They are ours to protect and should we fail shame on us.
Tampa Fishing Report May 2008 (5/29/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Greenbacks Whitebait Scaled Sardines Probably the number one live bait used in the bay area is a scaled sardine.
Tampa Fishing Report April 2008 (4/29/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Spring is hereso dig out those rods and reels and get the boat checked out it's time for another great summer of fishing on Tampa Bay. Do it now then when you're ready to go fishing you will be ahead of the game.
Tampa Bay Report March 2008 (3/29/2008)
[Tampa,FL] The Tampa Bay waters are full of fish and offer excellent Snook, Redfish and Trout action starting at the north end of the Bay down to the Skyway.
Tampa Fishing Report February 2008 (2/29/2008)
[Tampa,FL] The trout and pompano bite should continue. Don't forget those Sheepshead.
Tampa Bay Report January 2008 (1/29/2008)
[Tampa,FL] We should have some good trout fishing this month.
Snook Season Re-opens September 1st (8/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] August was a scorcher with humidity's in the ninety's but we're still catching fish. You need to pick your times and places but the bites been fairly consistent. Perhaps not the numbers we'd like but still catching. Warm summer waters make fish lethargic for most of the day but when fishing at night they seem more active. Many summer anglers find nighttime fishing enjoyable and provided the mosquitoes don't carry you off the fishing is relatively productive.
Tampa Bay's Fishing Report August 2007 (8/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] Comfort is paramount to all species and water temperature is a major factor because of its governing effect on a fish's bodily functions.
Tampa Bay's Fishing Report July 2007 (7/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing's been excellent all over Tampa Bay. Good reports of Snook, Redfish, Trout, Mackerel, Tarpon and Cobia being caught. Greenbacks are on every grass flats and markers. They are usually easy to get provided you anchor, chum and throw your net.
Tampa Bay's Fishing Report June 2007 (6/12/2007)
[Tampa,FL] This month suggest the beginning of our hot humid summer days and should bring good catches of Snook, Redfish, Trout and Mackerel throughout the Bay area. All need to do is just go fishing.
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