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Quepos Fishing

Quepos Fishing For All!

Fishing in itself is a great recreation. And it tends to take an entirely different perspective when you are at a fishing paradise like Quepos.
Big, Alabama Lay Lake Wintertime Largemouth  Bass!

Bass Fishing Alabama's Lakes in Winter and Early Spring

Its all about the weather during the late winter to early spring period. Then its time for those big, prespawn bass!

American Shad, Central Florida's Rediscovered Fishery

The return of American shad fishing to Central Florida

Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Fishing w/ Fly or Spin Rods Part 1 - Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide

There are numerous ways to present a fly/bait with a fly/spin rod for steelies. This is one of the more popular methods used in the Great Lakes region. Some well known fishing authors have written about it.

Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Fishing w/ Fly or Spin Rods Part 2 - Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide

There are numerous ways to present a fly/bait with a fly/spin rod for steelies. This is one of the more popular methods used in the Great Lakes region. Some well known fishing authors have written about it.

Salmon River Pulaski NY Habitat-Reading Water-Current Breaks

One of the most important aspects of Habitat is to figure out the relationship between all of the different water levels and all of the individual and different current break\'s. How each current break effect\'s the water movement and then how the fish relate to each current break.

FISH TAILS - Thru These guides Eyes - Salmon River Pulaski NY

Below are some of my personal \"humorous highlight\'s\" of my many years of guiding. Enjoy :) Salmon River Pulaski NY
Craig \

With ATTRAXX, fish donít let go!

Mystic Tackleworks introduces new ATTRAXX baits with feeding stimulants and CP Series balsa crankbaits.

Revolutionary new technology available for fishermen

"Summer Ice is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in float design," said Jeremy Bennis of Rod-N-Bobb's Premium Fishing Products, a family-owned company based in Eau Claire, Wis. \"Summer Ice gives anglers an incredible advantage because it removes the buoyancy from the surface of the water."

Devices make Kistler rods even better

MAGNOLIA, Texas Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, handcrafted by the most experienced rod technicians in the business, has recently developed two new innovative products that will make fishing all day more enjoyable and comfortable as well as help anglers to be more efficient.

Kistler Z-Bone rods, the championís choice

Using technology once available only to pricy custom rod builders, Kistler Z-Bone rods offer every angler an innovative lighter, stronger -- yet more sensitive rod that completely outclasses anything else on the market. Build in Magnolia, Texas, with the best American technology and superior materials, Kistler Z-Bone rods incorporate blanks developed by legendary rod designer Gary Loomis.

Mexico fishing report

Good action at Lakes El Salto and Mateos

Making sense out of scents

Tackle manufacturers spend a lot of time and money on fish scents but do they really work?
numa sargento from south france 7.4lb slob

2010 season almost here ,on lake erie in buffalo new york

lake eries pre and post spawn smallmouth bass. spring is a great time to hook up with a big fish
Guests with Anglers Inn International stay aboard the 95-foot luxury yacht, Captain Peacock.

Hall of Fame angler to lead expeditions to the Amazon

Hall of Famer returns to Amazon to lead new expeditions for Anglers Inn International.
An anglers shows off a large peacock bass he caught.

Billy Chapman, peacock bass pioneer, heads back to the Amazon

Anglers Inn International will begin hosting new adventures in the Amazon Basin for peacock bass and other species. You can join us on this adventure.
Brian Vohol of Hermitage, Tenn. and Bruce Paulk of Michie, Tenn., show off the 73.45-pound blue cat they caught to take big fish honors during the 7th annual Cabelaís King Kat Classic, held Oct. 16-17, 2009, on Pickwick and Wilson lakes at Sheffield, Ala.

Paulk, Vohol win catfish championship in big way

After two days of fierce competition, Bruce Paulk of Michie, Tenn., and Brian Vohol of Hermitage, Tenn., won the 7th annual Cabela's King Kat Classic, held Oct. 17, 2009, in Sheffield, Ala., with a tournament limit of 10 whiskerfish weighing 277.10 pounds.
Billy chapman, Jr. shows off a bass he caught while fishing at Lake El Salto.

Chapman honored with hall of fame nod

Billy Chapman, Jr. was honored with an induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. He owns Anglers Inn International, which owns lodges in Mexico and operates in the Amazon. He also arranges hunting and saltwater adventures and family vacations.
3.2Kg (7lb) Tiger Fish caught on a Surface Lure

Hunting Jozini Tigers my Style

There are many ways that an angler can target Tiger Fish and in this article I am going to write about targeting these magnificent freshwater game fish using artificial soft plastic baits, this is a relatively new method very similar to saltwater drop shot and is an extremely effective. Since I started fishing for Tigers this way I have not used any other method it is so effective, except for fly fishing.
New 2009 Falcon!

Stripers Inc. Revolutionizes Lake Texoma Striper Fishing

Stripers Inc. is a new and upcoming fishing guide service on Lake Texoma that is dedicated to providing the best possible experience to its clientele with brand new state of the art equipment and a lifetime of experience.

Early season tactics for Steelhead

Early season tactics for steelhead in BC. Some great tips and how to read water

The Lake Allatoona Guide Association

First Bite Guide Service Is Proud To Be A Founding Of The Lake Allatoona Guide Association. 770 827-6282

Bowfishing 101

Getting started in the sport of bowfishing is not only easy but is also inexpensive. Try it once and you\'ll be hooked.
Fall Catch Tight Lining Jigs

Crappie the other white meat...

Here is a great technique I us here on Weiss Lake for taking late fall slabs on the main river system. This will work on almost every lake that is feed by major river system.Thanks and Good Fishin...

Big Trouble on the Cowlitz River!

Friends of the Cowlitz River Presintaion on the failing of restoration project of Salmon and Steelhead on the Cowlitz River.BPA, USGS, PUD, City of Tacoma, WDFW, Biologist and the Governor have been invited to answer questions about this disaster!

How To Hire A Fishing Guide

Most avid anglers of today get all geared-up with new rods, reels, fishing lines, lures, electronics, and of course, a new boat. Although it appears their fishing prowess is now renewed, many struggle to even get a bite
Although this is not a Kalum River Chinook it is one heck of a BIG FISH landed on the Skeena River near Terrace.

May 2nd on the Kalum River

Here folks is a little bit of my fishing/guiding history in Terrace BC Canada. I hope you enjoy reading it.

John's Lake, Florida Information

John's Lake is found roughly 6 miles east of Clermont Florida, roughly 1.4 miles west of the Florida Turnpike on Highway 50 and lays on the Orange County/ Lake County borders.