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Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Nature's Fish Finders Are Here (11/01/2013)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Each month on the water brings its own unique energy to experience and appreciate. In November we are getting in the heart of autumn. The changing leaves paint the horizon around the lake with a beautiful array of color for the perfect back drop to display a feeding frenzy of seagulls and loons hitting the water over schooling stripers.
Lake Texome Fishing Report :: Topwater Time is Now (10/03/2013)
[Lake Texoma,TX] The time is now upon us. This is the only time of year when you may still catch me going out alone to fish because I know the potential is there to catch monster stripers on topwater and there is nothing better.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: February Fishing (2/22/2011)
[Lake Texoma,TX] What a month it has been here on Lake Texoma, the weather patterns are more extreme than I�ve ever witnessed with a high of 18 degrees one week and a low of 61 degrees the next.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Big Fish Turning On (10/25/2010)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Big fish are finally turning on for the fall
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Still Catching Big Fish on Top (10/26/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] This weekend has been incredible fishing. Big fish can be found on the banks using topwaters and little fish are all over the lake under the birds.
Lake Texoma - Bring on the Fall Fishing! (9/10/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Fall is my favorite time to fish. With kids back in school and hunting season kicking off, you get to experience some of the best fishing of the year without fighting the crowds.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Incredible Topwater Action! (8/19/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] The topwater action was at its best today. Good fish that stayed on the surface for nearly 2 hours!
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: July 17-20 (7/20/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Fishing is hot and cold right now. There are lots of big fish biting when its hot and I'm bringing back 10-20 fish when its cold.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: July 11th (7/11/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] The lure bite was scattered by the boat traffic and bait was working well.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: July Lure Bite Is On! (7/07/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] It is all about lures right now and the topwater bite is in full swing.
Lake Texoma Fishing Report - Bite Remains Hot! (6/10/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] As the water warms, fish are beginning to move to the deeper water but the bite remains red hot!
Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: May 28th (5/28/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] The shad spawn in in full force and the fishing is at it's best!
Rising Water and Big Fish :: Lake Texoma Fishing Report - 5/14 (5/14/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] We are catching big fish with the Lake rising. The fishing is awesome right now!
Lake Texoma Fishing Report - May 7th (5/07/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Fishing is Awesome! Now is the time to come fishing on Lake Texoma
Lake Texoma Fishing Report 4/26 (4/27/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Spring fishing is here. The shad are begining to spawn and the fishing is awesome!
Lake Texoma Fishing Report 4/13/09 (4/13/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] The larger fish are spawning now but fishing is still good and is soon to be smoking hot when the fish return from the spawn.
Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 3/30/09 (4/02/2009)
[Lake Texoma,TX] March fishing has been hit and miss but as the water warms up, the fish are truning on. I've caught my limit the last two trips...