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First time Tarpon angler with his first Tarpon by kayak

Sarasota Kayak Fishing for Tarpon

An informative look at Tarpon fishing by kayak off of the southwest coast of Florida.
One of our Signature Kayaks

Boatlesss Fishing? No Problem!

Not having a boat does not mean you can't go out....
My son with a nice red!!

Kayaks Fishing Don't Let It Pass You By !!

Backwater fishing has taken a new twist for some of my most hard core," I would never fish out of a kayak" clients!! Some of the most intense fisherman I know now have a new outlook on kayak fishing` For years I have fished out of my kayaks, not because I had to but because I love to!

Kayak Surf Skills

Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing Adventures will help you learn the basic techniques for handling you fishing kayak in the surf zone.