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How To Rig Bonita or Mullet Strips for Trolling

It is an industry secret that mullet strips when trolled on a planer using a sea witch is an extremely effective bait for kingfish, Mahi, tuna, sailfish and many more species. In this how to, we show you how to rig them up.

Catching Summertime Sheepshead

Sheepshead fishing in the summer can be incredibly fun and they are great to eat especially now that snook, redfish, and trout are off the menu. Give it a try and take the kids along with you.

How To Hire A Fishing Guide

When deciding on a charter captain you are about to make a serious investment in not only money but in your safety and the safety of your family, friends, and possible business associates.

How To Throw A Cast Net Without Using Teeth or Getting Wet

In order to catch more bait, being able to throw a cast net is a tool you need to have in your arsenal. And while there are several ways to throw a net, I have found this method to be one of the easiest without putting the lead line in your mouth.

Top Fishing Spots in South Florida - Bird Key, Miami FL 25.8384° N, 80.1678° W

A great spot for everyone to fish whether on a boat, kayak or paddle board is Bird Key. With a beautiful and healthy grass flat it is no wonder the fish hold there year round.

#1 Tarpon Fishing Tip For Catching More Tarpon!

Here is the best tip you will get for catching more tarpon! Read this, apply and go for it!

How To Choose The Right Fishing Charter

No matter the level of fishing experience you have, it is important to understand the different types of trips available.
Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Get Hire Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Services In Florida

You can have one best tour of Fishing in Tampa Bay Florida. Our all the services for the reliable matters are ready to provide you all the proper services with the good facilities.
Huge Cobia on Eel Lure

Being Ready for Cobia

Having rods ready for any situation will produce great catches
Nice spring striper on a clam

Raritan Bay Spring Striper Clamming tips

Every week at the dock, I hear the same old complaints. The fish were just mouthing the clam bait but would not eat it. Here are some tips I have learned over the years running charters in Raritan Bay, New Jersey.

Massive Fuel Oil Spill In Galveston Texas

A barge has spilled significant amounts of fuel in Galveston. Cleanup crews are working around the clock to cleanup.

What it takes to rise to the top

What makes an angler go beyond the average and become a great angler?

What the heck is MRIP?

NOAA seeks continued angler involvement and input to improve data collection methods
Captain Brandon Sauls with some nice inshore redfish caught this winter.

Fishing tips for catching shallow Carolina winter redfish

Winter redfish in the Carolinas gather in large schools and roam the inshore waters looking for food, protection, and warmer water. Anglers target them in very shallow areas that heat up more quickly as the sun rises during the day.
How to correctly hold a large sea bird

Birds How to release them

An article on how to deal with large sea birds when they get hooked or tangled up in your line without excessive stress on the animal and morlatility.
This 46 pound bass fell to a live eel aboard the charter boat Miss Loretta.

Fishing Cape Cod Bay for Big Striped Bass

Cape Cod Bay is home to an enormous population of over-sized stripers. Sticking to a game plan and mastering a few proven techniques can help an angler to bag more big fish this summer.

How to Catch More Yellowtail Fishing Southern California

Catching Yellowtail while deep sea fishing out of Southern California and San Diego boats can be one of the best pound for pound explosive fighting big gamefish fun! This article covers how to improve your chance at catching one of these great fish.

The Bite is on at Race Point

There is no telling what you may encounter when fishing the waters around Provincetown. Big bass, bluefish, whales and even tuna descend on the area to feed on the plethora of bait choices.
This 40 pound bass was one of 32 keeper bass caught during a morning blitz at Cape Cod Bay\'s Scorton Ledge.

A New Perspective on Scorton Ledge

The Ledge relinquished another 50 pound striped bass this past weekend. Gaining a new perspective on this well known fishing hot spot could help you put more big bass in the boat this season.

Ft Lauderdale Fishing RED HOT Big Jacks Sharks Sailfish and more Hooked Up

What a great April it has been so far off the coast of Fort Lauderdale aboard Hooked Up. We have been having great action on the wrecks with BIG Amber Jacks Sharks are sowing up reel good in about 350 feet of water and the sail fish have been from 80 feet of water out to 350 feet. Just all around great fishing aboard the Hooked Up and we are just getting started into spring. Captain Taco (954) 764-4344
Howard Hammonds, president of Mystic Tackleworks, shows off a redfish he caught on an Attraxx Mystic Shrimp soft bait while fishing with Capt. Phil Robichauxs Guide Service and in the marshes near Lafitte, La.  (Photo by John N. Felsher)

Feeding stimulants put fish in the boat

New Attraxx baits really work in salt water for redfish and speckled trout.


The best option to get your billfish of your dreams is in the Papagayo Gulf.

November 2010 Fishing Forecast

November 2010 Fishing Forecast SouthShore Tampa Bay Capt. Danny Guarino D.R. Guarino Charters 813-956-2010

Think like a Fish..

Many an eager fisherman's approach to fishing is to simply chuck his lure out there and hope to catch a fish, and it is thought that catching a fish or even a big one is luck. I call this "chuck & hope", and it is my belief that whilst one can get a lucky fish, it was only because unknowingly you put the right lure in the right place at the right time and in the right way. There should be a technical or scientific approach to the way you target fish.

Fishing with Strip Baits

The strip bait is a very under estimated method of fishing, and yet it is highly effective and can be used in so many ways.

KZN Basics - Game Fishing with Trolling Lures

Targeting the various species of Game Fish that we find off Durban using Artificial Lures can be rewarding, but ones needs to apply a little bit of thought, organisation and order to make it work.

Rigging up for Trolling Part 1

Hard Plastic lures with lips like Rapala and Halco In my previous article called "Trolling Dynamics for small Ski-Boats" I discussed the various lures and how they work, in this article I want to cover the rigging of these lures and how to set them up in your spread.
Trusty TLD20 on a Crowder Tournament Sailfish Rod

Fort Pierce, FL - Epic Sailfish Season 2010?

Conditions look good. The cold fronts have already begun to march through and the mullet run ie extrordinarily strong. We\'ve already had an unusually good October dolphin bite and sailfish season is just around the corner.
Marty Cyr\'s 4-lb Sarasota Bay CAL jig blue

Capt. Rick Grassett's Southwest Florida Fishing Forecast for October 2010

This is one of my favorite months to fish. Both flats and the coastal gulf will be alive with action. Trout, reds, pompano, bluefish, Spanish mackerel and more in Sarasota Bay and snook around docks and bridges in the ICW and close to passes should be plentiful in October. In the coastal gulf, little tunny, Spanish mackerel, tripletail and tarpon should also be good options.

October 2010 Fishing Forecast

Fishing Forcast For October 2010 in Tampa Bay