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It's no secret that a cast net is a great way to catch bait.  From mullet to pilchards to shiners, a cast net is an extremely effective method of fishing for baitfish.   And while there are countless methods of throw the net that work great, I have found this method to be the best for me because it is a fast load, no need to put the lead line in your mouth and there is no getting wet.

This method works great for cast nets between 4 foot and 8 foot.  We are putting the entire net into our right hand (power hand).  If you are lefty, then you will follow the instructions using your left hand.

Step 1.  Place the end of the rope around your wrist.  Do not secure it to your wrist where it is so tight that you can't get it off in the event of an emergency.  I have heard of too many accidents with mates falling overboard and being pulled under because the rope was too tight.   So make that very loose.

Step 2:

Make 1 foot coils with the rope until you get to the horn of your cast net.  

Step 3.  

Grab your cast net about 1 foot below the horn.  You do not need to grab a net at the horn.  By grabbing it under the horn it is more managable. 

Step 4.

Grab the net just below your waist.  If you want to throw the net further, then grab the net closer to your knew.

Step 5.

Split the net into half on the ground and stand between each lead pile.

Step 6.

Grab the lead pile on your left.

Step 7.

Flip the lead pile in your left hand over your right (see video)

Step 8.

Grab the lead line that joins the 2 levels.

Step 9.

Place the lead line on the top of your right hand and hold in the place with sticking thumb up.

Step 10:

Grab the lead line with your left hand (this is the last piece to go when you throw)

Throw the net!  When you throw it, you want to turn your right hand over during throw while holding the piece in your left hand a second or two longer.

Mike Grimm

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Area Reporting: South Florida

Bio: Avid fisherman with focus on teaching conservation. I love introducing children to fishing and outdoors. I am available for private charters in the North Miami area.

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