Out from Beares Beach has produced some very good Sand Flathead for anglers not wishing to venture too far from home. The close in reefs in and around 20 - 30 metres of water are producing some small Snapper and good Morwong. Out wide of the Six Mile Reef large Tiger Flathead are dominating most catches.


Cold water is still the major factor for those wishing to chase Game Fish. Some anglers have tried burleying for Sharks with no success and I doubt we will see any change in the Game Fishing until next moon or even later than that.


The going out tides have produced plenty of Blackfish for anglers fishing with Green or Cabbage Weed. Best areas are the rock walls adjacent to Bermagui Harbour, the Bridge Pylons and out around the Bridge at Wallaga Lake. There are some Flathead moving in the Bermagui River and are being taken on Lures in the deeper, wider bays.


Salmon and Tailor are still pretty quiet along most of the beaches although there is a few nice Bream starting to hang around in the deeper gutters. Rock Fishing has been difficult due to the sea conditions and cool water, there has been the odd Drummer and occasional Groper although things are pretty quiet.


Warmer than usual weather conditions is indicating there could be an early spring and with this the Bass in Brogo may become active a lot earlier this season. At present there has been no reports on any regular catches of Bass within our area and I suspect it will stay this way for quite a few more weeks.


In a recent visit to Jindabyne I saw some photos of a lovely 14 lb Brown trout taken on a Nils Master Lure at Waste Point, Lake Jindabyne late last week. Also in the same week a visitor from the N.T., down to experience the snow, trolled a black and red Tassie Devil and captured a 10 lb Atlantic Salmon in Jindabyne Dam. He reckoned Barra are better!!

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One of the Lure caught Flathead from the Bermagui River
One of the Lure caught Flathead from the Bermagui River

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