Lots of Jackass and Blue Morwong have dominated anglers bags over the past week. Most of the reefs south of Bermagui are holding fish with the wider ones producing the larger specimens. There has also been some very large Tiger Flathead taken just off the reef with some exceptional Gummy Sharks being caught as well.


I know of one boat that fished the outside edge of the Twelve Mile recently burleying for Sharks for no success. Water is still around the 15 deg. and although this boat had no luck with the game fish they scored very well fishing the deep water on the bottom for a host of different species.


Anglers fishing for Blackfish with Cabbage weed on the going out tide adjacent to the bridge and along the rock walls have had some successful results in the past week with some very good fish. Further up the estuary in the deeper bays on the bottom of the tide the Flathead have started to move providing good angling for those tossing lures.


Again those cold waters have had the affect on the beach as well. Most of the Salmon seem to have moved on at this stage and catches are very limited. The same affect is happening off the stones with just a handful of Drummer and Silver Trevally being encountered.


Warmer than usual weather conditions is indicating there could be an early spring and with this the Bass in Brogo may become active a lot earlier this season. At present there has been no reports on any regular catches of Bass within our area and I suspect it will stay this way for quite a few more weeks.


There are plenty of people up in the Snowy Mountains making use of the good snow conditions this season and sadly very few are up there fishing. The actual sad part about this, is the fishing in Jindabyne is especially good at present with large numbers of fish being taken on the troll and Eucumbene is also supplying similar action.

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One of the nice blackfish taken near Bermagui Bridge
One of the nice blackfish taken near Bermagui Bridge

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Bio: Darren Redman is an estuary charter guide for NSW waters (Bermagui) and has been doing so for some 18 years. He was the first legal operator, and is still operating, with Master V qualifications. He is also the founding and current president of the Far South Coast Bass Stocking Association which was created over 10 years ago for the purpose of stocking Brogo Dam with Australian Bass, which to date has seen over 210,000 fish released.

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