With the easing of the tides plenty of Reef fish have been encountered over the last week. They are within easy reach being straight out east of the tower in between 40 & 60 metres water depth. Species caught have been large Sand Flathead, Snapper, Morwong, Tiger Flathead, Gummy Sharks and some very large Red Gurnard.


A filter of 17 deg. water temp has been drifting south along the edge of the Continental Shelf and beyond. All indications are this patch of water should hold schools of Striped, Yellowfin and Albacore Tuna. I did hear a whisper of some fish caught later in the week although I am still yet to confirm it.


Slower tides this week has definitely had an effect on the fishing. Blackfish, Bream, Flathead and Trevally have all been encountered in the Bermagui River in the past week with the upper reaches, where the water is dirtier and warmer, producing the best. Wallaga Lake has got a lot of Prawn stock and there may be a chance to start Prawning this dark.


There has been an increase in Salmon numbers along the coast in recent days. Most beaches are holding fish although you may need to try a few different locations for maximum success. These fish are also being encountered along the rocks where quite a few have been taken by anglers casting lures.


Some reports coming out of Brogo have been delivered with mixed results. Some anglers have gone to the dam and fished for no results whilst others have succeeded. I have heard of a few fish being taken on lures as well as bait with the best fish to date measuring over 40 cm.


Fishing is very good in the mountains at present where there is some straggling Rainbows still presenting good fishing in the rivers. Tantangara, Eucumbene and Jindabyne Lakes are still fishing very well for all species for both lure and bait anglers with a few fish now starting to present themselves for the Fly fishos.

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One of the many Red Gurnard caught through the week
One of the many Red Gurnard caught through the week

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