Morwong are still the most dominate catch offshore, with both Blue and Jackass prevalent on virtually all reef systems. There are some nice Snapper mixed, some Ocean Perch and wider out in 50 metres of water and beyond are some ripper Tiger Flathead which anglers don't seem to have any trouble filling bags.


As mentioned, there is a lovely warm pocket of water eddying south of Sydney and pushing down the coast. This patch looks to have the goods which will hold, hopefully, an early season run of Tuna. You can monitor this patch of water on the Bureau of Meteorology Bluelink site.


Less than perfect conditions over the past week has made fishing in the Estuaries very difficult. There are still some very nice Blackfish hanging around the rock walls and bridge area, they are also around the bridge at Wallaga Lake along with some nice Bream, Flathead and Trevally moving below the bridge at Wallaga over the flats.


Salmon and Tailor are still pretty quiet along most of the beaches although there is a few nice Bream starting to hang around in the deeper gutters. Rock Fishing has been difficult due to the sea conditions and cool water, there has been the odd Drummer and occasional Groper although things are pretty quiet.


Warmer than usual weather conditions is indicating there could be an early spring and with this the Bass in Brogo may become active a lot earlier this season. At present there has been no reports on any regular catches of Bass within our area and I suspect it will stay this way for quite a few more weeks.


As the snow season is pushing to an end anglers are anticipating a good start to the Trout season. There is plenty of water in the rivers and as the snow melt starts so should the stream fishing. Trolling is good in all the lakes at present with some very nice Browns and a few good Rainbows.

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