Out from most beaches Sand Flathead are in large numbers providing plenty of table fare, further afield Tiger Flathead are out from the Six Mile and Four Mile Reefs. Mixed in are plenty of Morwong the odd Snapper and unfortunately plenty of Leatherjackets. Kingies have been good at Montague Island with fish up to 10 Kg.


Marlin have turned up in good numbers over the weekend with lots of Stripes and the odd Black, of which the best has weighed in at 156 Kg. Both Lures and Bait are working, with most of the fish concentrated around the Twelve Mile Reef. Mixed in have been the odd Mako, Hammerhead and Whaler Sharks.


Most of the tidal Estuaries along the coast are fishing consistant with large schools of Bream, quite a few Flathead, plenty of Blackfish and a mix of other species. Bream encountered have been up to 43 cm, most of the Blackfish are being taken around the entrance of Bermagui Harbour on Weed or up the river with Nippers.


Most beaches are fishing well of a night for Tailor, Salmon, Bream and a few small Bronze Whaler Sharks. The best beaches are Camel Rock, Barragoot and Murrah. From the rocks Salmon, Frigates and Tailor are regular catches for those tossing Lures while Drummer and Groper are starting to make more of an appearance.


Warm weather still has the Bass on the chew in Brogo Dam with early mornings and late afternoons being best although fish are still being caught throughout the day. Trolling is best thru the day while casting of lures or fly producing morning and evening. Black crickets are still in numbers and provide a bait fishing option.


Mudeyes hatching in the Monaro Lakes has seen some very good Fly Fishing late evening and thru the night. Eucumbene seems to be fishing the best at present while the hatch is continuing. Those anglers trolling are still getting good fish and most of the Trout have conditioned nicely following the increase of the food supply.

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