Reef fishing has probably been the pick of all forms of angling although the Leatherjackets can at times be annoying. There are some nice Snapper on most reefs with some good Morwong mixed in, while over the sand there are plenty of Flathead, both Sand and Tigers, with the odd Gummy Shark and Red Gurnard mixed in.


Game Fishing has been poor to say the least, there are a few Marlin being captured most days, the odd small Yellowfin, some Striped Tuna and Dolphinfish, plus if you burley there has been a few Makos coming up the trails. Kingfish are in good numbers at Montague Island, although you have to do some weeding for the better sized fish.


Recently in the Estuaries fishing has been difficult mainly due to a drop in water temp. However things seem to be stabilizing bringing both Blackfish and Bream back on the chew. Flathead are in the lower parts of the estuaries now as are some very nice Tailor which seem to be concentrating near where the entrance normally would be in Wallaga.


Some very nice calm autumn weather is allowing easy access to both the Rocks and the Beach. Large schools of Salmon are frequenting both areas where they can be taken on either bait or lures, with fish reaching up to 4 Kg. Mixed in has been some lovely Southern Yellowfin Bream and quite a few small Jewfish.


Up at Brogo Dam Bass are still on the chew and seem to be feeding more in daylight hours. Casting lures or fly early of a morning is producing fish, while trolling or going to bait throughout the day will keep on producing. Below in the river the fishing is not good in the upper reaches.


Recent rain in the mountains still have dam levels consistant allowing anglers to pursue Trout in their preferred manner. Fly fishing with Hopper patterns through the day is good while of an evening Mudeye patterns will produce well in Eucumbene. Trolling is good in most dams throughout the Monaro with again Eucumbene being the pick.

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