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Fishing Report Ucluelet BC (Vancouver Island) July 12, 2022 by Sam Vandervalk (7/12/2022)
Fishing has continued to be very good for both Chinook and halibut during morning and afternoons. One of the hotspots for salmon has been just outside the harbour at the Red can and the afternoon bites here have been so good its almost been like fishing Big Bank.
FISHING REPORT UCLUELET August 28th, Ucluelet, BC by Sam Vandervalk (8/30/2021)
Fishing has been great the last weeks in August. Salmon have been biting all day often best in the afternoon.
FISHING REPORT UCLUELET August 10th, Ucluelet, BC by Sam Vandervalk (8/11/2021)
Chinook are biting plentyful. For halibut, Big Bank has been the go-to. The cannon balls have to be all the way down at the bottom though!
FISHING REPORT UCLUELET JULY 8th, BC by Sam Vandervalk (7/10/2021)
Good to see coho are arriving closer to shore. Live squid fishing is a good time at the moment with the winds. Halibut are biting in many places right now.
FISHING REPORT JUNE 20, 2021 UCLUELET BC by Sam Vandervalk (6/22/2021)
On the West Coast of the Island, it finally starts to feel like summer and fishing continues to be good. Chinook fishing has been mostly good in protected waters lately. We are seeing halibut fishing to be good in a few places lately , recently closer in again.
Fishing Report June 15, 2021 Ucluelet, British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (6/15/2021)
Fishing has continued to surprise us positively for everyone who has made it out on a charter so far. The chinook are mostly biting around the tide changes. If you want to come out for a charter your best bet would be late June and there are clear skies and blue bird days ahead.
June 4th Fishing report Ucluelet, BC by Sam Vandervalk (6/04/2021)
Fishing has been great this beginning of the season, outstanding. The large amounts of baitfish lure in the salmon closer to shore. Halibut have also been biting more offshore though 10-20 miles out.
Fishing Report May 19th Ucluelet, British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (5/19/2021)
We are excited that the beginning of the season has been such a good one and keeps getting better with salmon and halibut around. Although at the moment we are only taking out locals, this will change in not even a weeks time. Soon we will be happy to take out Canadians from every province again to get that unique west coast fishing experience in Ucluelet.
Fishing Report May 12th British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (5/12/2021)
One of the best early-seasons in a while. There will be many happy faces ones the travel restrictions will be lifted. With great weather ahead we are optimistic for local fishing trips.
Fishing Report May 4th British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (5/04/2021)
It has been an outstanding start for the season. Ones things open up again there will be some great fishing to be had on the West coast, here in Ucluelet.
Fishing Report April 23rd British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (4/23/2021)
Early April has been good fishing so far with a sunny streak as well, which made it even better to be out on the water. We have been mostly focusing on Salmon and Lingcod but. Offshore is the better option for Halibut at the moment.
Fishing Report April 14th British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (4/14/2021)
Salmon fishing has been better than normal for April so far. Our guy Dan has consistently been hitting between 6 to 12 fish per trip close to the harbour. Halibut fishing has been good for some other boats, we have mostly been focussing on salmon though.
Fishing report April 7th Ucluelet British Columbia by Sam Vandervalk (4/08/2021)
The Chinook fishing to start April has been good.There have also been a few halibut caught as well in the area.
The Forecast for the summer of 2021 is good for Chinook, Coho and Halibut. by Sam Vandervalk (2/24/2021)
Forecast for summer 2021 for Chinook, Coho and Halibut.
Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report: 2020 Recap, February 17, 2021 by Sam Vandervalk (2/17/2021)
Halibut limits update for February 17, 2021