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Area Reporting: Bonita Beach

Bio: Captain Dave Hanson is a native of southwest Florida. He has been fishing local waters since childhood, and has been fishing professionally for over fifteen years. He is Coast Guard licensed, and is a member in good standing of the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce. He has been featured in several national fishing magazines, and he also appears weekly in the fishing reports sections of the Bonita, Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers Beach, and Naples, FL newspapers.

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SW FL-Bonita Beach: Gulf & Bay Report (9/15/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good inshore and offshore.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Goliath Beasts & Redfish (9/02/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] We had fun with goliath grouper offshore, then got serious about catching something to eat--snapper fit that bill. Inshore, a nice 27 inch redfish was the catch du jour.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: A Little Girl and a Big Red (8/28/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing was better in the backwaters this week than offshore, with nice redfish and trout, some sheepshead and snapper.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Near-shore Report (8/19/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] We had to stay in the backwaters or at the close-in reefs this week, due to conditions. But the fishing was good for a variety of species.
Goliath Adventures & Table-fare Too (8/12/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing offshore was good for sport and for food value, with calm seas and good action and variety.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: 20 lb black drum, sheepies, snapper...then Keys-Bound (7/23/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] A 20 pound black drum in estero Bay was the best local catch this week, only to be outdone by a 100 pound sailfish i caught in the FL Keys on holiday Thursday.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Hogfish, Yellowtail, Mangs, Lanes, Spanish...Bonefish (7/17/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Seas were calm and the fishing was good for all varieties of snapper this week and for Spanish mackerel. A surprise-catch was bonefish.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Trout, Sheepshead, Snapper & Snook Inshore (7/10/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Weather has been tricky and slow season is also in full force. I have had several families with young children aboard and we have chosen the backwaters because of unstable patterns offshore. Trout has been plentiful, along with some sheepshead and snapper and a few snook.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Inshore & Near-shore Report (6/26/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Wild weather interfered with a few trips this week but we did okay, for the most part, working around it.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Inshore Report (6/20/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Hot, hot, hot! The water temps are unbelievable warm and the need for drinking water crucial out there...but fishing inshore yielded decent catches of snapper, sheepshead and near-misses with reds.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Bonito, Goliaths, Kings, Spanish, S (6/12/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Good fishing if you can stand the heat this week. It is slow season here but I fished 3 times this aweek and did well with a variety of species.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Nice Muttons Offshore; Trout Inshore (6/05/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Bay and Gulf yielded pretty nice catches this week, especially mutton snapper and trout.
Backwater Reds, Trout & Shark; Yellowtail & Muttons Offshore (5/23/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Inshore fishing was very good for trout and redfish this week. When seas subsided, i got offshore for yellowtail and mutton snapper.
Kings, Shark & Snapper (5/16/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] I fished offshore mostly, with one day inshore. Kingfish and shark were the largest catches this week.
400 lb. goliath whips two of us! (5/09/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Seas calmed this week and fishing was good both inshore and offshore.
Kingfish in 42 feet (5/02/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The winds and seas cancelled out my trips at the beginning of the week, but wednesday began a calming trend. Kings showed up in 38-42 feet and we had good action for snapper and grouper.
Red Grouper, All Kinds of Snapper, Goliath-Wrestling (4/25/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Lots of wind and high seas forced two cancellations this week, but the rest of the time was productive, with all varieties of snapper, plus grouper and porgies.
Nice Red Bayside; Nice Gag Gulfside (4/18/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The winds just won't stop this season...I got one day calm enough to head out. The rest of the week was spent inshore and near-shore. Fishing was variable, depending upon tides and wind direction.
These are the times that try Captains' souls... (4/11/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds howled most of the week and conditions were far from ideal, but we made the most of what we had.
Estero Bay & Bonita Beach Reefs (4/04/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds made it tough this week, but a combination of inshore trips and near-shore trips turned out pretty well.
Inshore & reef report (3/28/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] We had to stay inshore or near-shore this week, due to high winds and seas. But tides were good in the bay and fishing was pretty good there and at the near-shore reefs.
Kings, Mangs, Sheepies, Porgies, Pompano & Trout (3/22/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Nice-sixed mangrove snapper, mixed with some mackerel, sheepshead and porgies, made for good fishing offshore. Sheepshead predominated in the backwaters, with pompano and trout mixed in.
Calm seas-Hogfish, Sheepshead & Snapper (3/14/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Calm seas all week long...and good sized catches with good variety.
March in Like a Lion; Plenty of Sheep (3/07/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Sheepshead fishing was great inside and offshore. The bay was also good for trout, pompano and redfish.
Bonito, Grouper, Snapper & sheepshead ( Inshore & Off) (2/28/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Sheepshead were good sized both bayside and gulfside this week. And the snapper bite remains good, along with a few grouper, bonito and porgies.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Snapper, Sheepshead, Hogfish & Porgies (the new grouper) (2/21/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Good snapper bite this week and some nice-sized porgies offshore--lots of short groupers to release. Sheepshead are biting well inside and outside, and we released a redfish and a couple snook inside too.
Red & Scamp Grouper, Hogfish, Snapper (2/14/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing ofshore was great this week, with calm seas and a good snapper and grouper bite.
Cryin' Over gags; settling for Sheepshead, Snapper & Trout (2/08/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Consecutive cold fronts brought rough conditions and I cancelled three of six scheduled trips this week. We caught two nice gag grouper close in, but had to release those due to new regs...onthe bright side, snapper and sheepshead remained strong, and a trout and snook catch (released also) helped spiced up the week.
Snapperfest (1/30/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The snapper bite was hot in depths of 45 to 7o feet this week...until the cold-front came to spoil the fun.
Snapper, Sheepshead, Hogfish & Rough Weather (1/24/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] We actually saw fronst down here in SW FL this week...and those cold fronts also brought some rough marine conditions. When able to get out, the snapper bite was good for nice sized mangs and lanes. Trout was the main fare inshore.
28 Inch Gag Best Catch & Big Snapper (1/10/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing was great this week on the days that the winds and seas behaved. A 28 inch gag grouper topped the list, but mangrove snapper to 18 inches were abundant too.
Good Start to a New Year of Fishing (1/03/2009)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing was good this week offshore, though seas were a little rough a couple of days, after a smooth-as-glass beginning to the week on Monday. Grouper, snapper, mackerel and more were abundant in offshore waters.
SW FL-BonitaBeach:Offshore& nshore Recent Catch Report (12/27/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The bay was good until the winds sucked the water dry and made for shallow, muddy conditions. offshore has been good when the winds and seas are calm enough.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Weather Tricky but Fishing Good (12/13/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The beginning of the week brought some excellent fishing, but conditions deteriorated as the cold fronts moved through later in the week.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: True Black Grouper & Good Fishing this Week (12/07/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Grouper, snapper and sheepshead were all biting like crazy this week.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Nice gags, snapper & sheepshead (11/29/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] We got a couple keeper gag grouper offshore this week. The big sheepshead still predominate inshore.
Macks, Mangs & Muttons Offshore; Big Bay Sheepies (11/22/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] High winds most of this week, but the fishing was good one calm day offshore and also good for sheepeshead in wind-sheltered areas of the backwaters.
Kingfish, Yellowtail, Muttons, Mangs, Sheepies & Reds (11/15/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] We got some nice yellowtail and mutton snapper this week offshore, along with a 3-foot king mackerel. Inshore produced nice sheepshead and some reds.
Mangs & Muttons, red Grouper, Mackerel, Sheepshead & Snook (11/08/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing offshore was good for several species, with calm seas most of the week. Inside, the large winter-time sheepshead are starting to appear.
Pompano, snapper, sheepshead & flounder (11/01/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Windy condition have made offshore fishing impossible, but the near-shore reefs and inland waters have offered some decent catches.
Snapperfest gulfside & good bay fishing too (10/13/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Offshore was terrific for all varieties of snapper this week. When the seas kicked up, I fished inland for some nice reds, sheepshead and catch-and-release snook.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Gulf & Bay Short Report (10/05/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Windy and rough this weekend but fishing went okay.
Offshore Fishing Excellent (9/27/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Finally, the storms are gone, customers are back, and the fishing is excellent.
Tropical Storm Fay gone, then good fishing (8/29/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] After the waters calmed from the storm, the fishing was good in about 37 feet, with a nice variety and a lot of snapper.
Nice Redfish Action; Snapper, Flounder, Spanish (8/15/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The redfish bite was great inshore. The reefs and out to 18 miles offered a good variety of species.
27 inch gag & Nice Snapper-Reefs; Bay Reds & Sheepshead (8/01/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The fishing was great this week inside and outside, with lots of nice tablefare as well as some sport fishing.
Good Bite Inshore & Offshore (7/05/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] There was great redfish action this week inshore, and a nice variety with a steady bite offshore.
Good Action Offshore (6/27/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing was good this week in the Gulf with a few hogfish, lots of snapper and mackerel and a bunch of throw-back groupers.
Reds, Snook, Snapper, Sheepies Inshore; Yellowtail & Porgies Gulfside (6/20/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing inshore this week offered a nice variety of species and good redfish action. Offshore, the whitebone porgies were good sized and a few yellowtails and mangs entered the mix.
Hog, Yellowtail, Mangs, Spanish, Sharks & Reds (6/14/2008)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Yellotail were abundant about 28 miles offshore and mangs were biting near-shore this week along with Spanish mackerel and porgies. Sharpnose sharks were almost a nuisance they were so abundant.
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