Fishing Articles by Captain David Ide

How To Rig Bonita or Mullet Strips for Trolling (7/17/2019)
[Saltwater Fishing] It is an industry secret that mullet strips when trolled on a planer using a sea witch is an extremely effective bait for kingfish, Mahi, tuna, sailfish and many more species. In this how to, we show you how to rig them up.
How To Make Mullet Strips (6/19/2019)
[Big Game] Trolling mullet strips on a planer is extremely effective for tuna, Mahi, kingfish, sailfish, wahoo and many more species. This is how we make 4 strips out of each mullet.
How To Rig A Live Bonita For Wahoo and Big Kingfish (5/17/2019)
[Live Bait Fishing] A live bonita we call \"bullet bonita\" make great baits when slow trolled for wahoo, but you need to learn this technique in order to hook more fish and avoid the short strikes.
How To Make Mullet Strips (12/09/2018)
[Big Game] Don\'t get rid of your dead mullet, they make great strip baits when trolling.
#1 Tarpon Fishing Tip For Catching More Tarpon! (3/05/2018)
[Saltwater Fishing] Here is the best tip you will get for catching more tarpon! Read this, apply and go for it!
How To Choose The Right Fishing Charter (7/31/2017)
[Saltwater Fishing] No matter the level of fishing experience you have, it is important to understand the different types of trips available.