Fishing Reports by Captain Drew Cavanaugh

About The Author: Captain

Company: Florida Inshore Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Mosquito Lagoon/East Central Florida

Bio: 20 Years plus of inshore fishing experience along Florida\'s east coast. Specializing in back country light tackle flats fishing at its very best. Located just 45 minutes east of Orlando. we supply all licenses and tackle. Call today for the trip of a lifetime...

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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing (12/28/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Beautiful weather. Great family company. Make for perfect conditions for fishing the World Famous Mosquito Lagoon!
The Art Of Reds! (12/19/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] This has been a really good week on the water. If every week was like the fish would be in trouble.
Perfect Water Levels Arriving (12/13/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Too bad the weather in Florida could not be like this year round. This is what it is all about. It is just beautiful out at this time of year and the fishing is equally as good.
Tails, Tails and More Tails! (12/07/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Perfect weather conditions are among us. Shallow waters allow for excellent fishing.
Holiday Fishing Season (12/01/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Nice weather has arrived. Take advantage of these times and enjoy a great day on the water.
Space Shuttle Redfish - Fishing Mosquito Lagoon (11/15/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] A while before lift off the redfish began to turn on. After several where caught one was chosen to be famous...
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing (11/14/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Nice weather means great fishing. The fishing is still improving and along with that is great weather.
Patience, Stealth & Distance (11/08/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Weather is working for us, water depth is nice and now the fish are working overtime for us too. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy this area and catch and see very nice fish.
Big Trout (11/05/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Massive trout have been showing up in the day. They are slowing moving in like a special forces team.
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing (11/03/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] With the weather holding and returning back to normal the fishing should begin to take off. Fish should begin to go about the normal routines.
Mosquito Lagoon Shallow Water (10/24/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Recent water levels had dropped for a short time. This should allow excellent sight fishing before the rains bring this level back up.
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Attack (10/12/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The Mosquito Lagoon has come to life with great catches of Redfish and Trout. Epic days of fishing are here and it looks like it will only be improving.
Redfish Along Edges (10/04/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Mix bag of fish will leave you guessing on each cast what you are about to land. Throw to a redfish, land a trout. See trout catch a jack. Very exciting fishing going on.
Trout Every Where On The Mosquito Lagoon (10/02/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Early to bed, early to rise. Trout bite is off the wall on the Mosquito Lagoon!
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish (9/21/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Now is the time to fish the World Famous Mosquito Lagoon. The beginning of awesome weather conditions awaits you. This brings awesome fish!
Redfish (9/15/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Calm winds allow open water fishing this week and should stay the same through the rest of this week. Fall is on the way and with this the mullet will start to move in full force.
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charters (9/05/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Reds and Trout are all over the northern end of the Lagoon!
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