Fishing Reports by Captain Michael Grimm

About The Author: Captain


Area Reporting: South Florida

Bio: Avid fisherman with focus on teaching conservation. I love introducing children to fishing and outdoors. I'm available for charters on limited availability in the Miami area.

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It's All About the Current (12/08/2019)
[Miami,FL] Like a switch, the current turned on and the fish starting biting. Pay close attention to your current and you'll find the fish.
Great Half Day with Mark and his Wife (12/05/2019)
[Miami,FL] There is nothing quite like a winter morning in Miami. You can't count all the species available on one hand, but you can count on some action.
The Big Tarpon Crashed Thanksgiving Day! (11/28/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Like clock work, the big tarpon made an appearance just before thanksgiving day. And now the silver king is all I can think about.
White Bait Galore, Mullet Run Slowing Down (10/06/2019)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The mullet run has slowed down off the beach, but the bridges and creeks have been hopping with bait and fish.
Hurricane Dorian Kick Started the Mullet Run (9/06/2019)
[Miami,FL] It was a like a switch. The mullet appeared immediately as Hurricane Dorian was sitting off our coast. It is go time!
The Bigger Mahi Are Showing Up off Miami (8/14/2019)
[Miami,FL] If you can get out there, now is a great opportunity to get on some bigger fish of the season. We found some nice gaffers about 15 miles offshore.
Being Patient To Find Big Mahi, While Safely Releasing the Small Ones (6/23/2019)
[Miami,FL] The Mahi fishery in Southeast Florida is incredible right now. The weedlines and birds are giving away their location. Finding the big ones has proved to be challenging but they are out there!
The Mahi Fishing Is Pouring On (6/17/2019)
[Miami,FL] With all the weed patches come the Mahi and we are seeing some great fish come through.
The Blackfin Tuna Are Still Solid! (5/19/2019)
[Miami,FL] We have been chumming up the Blackfin Tuna with live pilchards or thread fin herring. And when you chum you get sailfish, kingfish, sharks and more into the spread!
Some of the best Tuna Fishing we Have Seen! (5/12/2019)
[Miami,FL] This season has been phenomenal on Blackfin tuna. They are all up and down the reef along with big kingfish and sailfish. I should last another few weeks.