Fishing Articles by Guide Stefano Schoonees

Sliding a Live Bait on Steel Trace (2/09/2010)
[Live Bait Fishing] Sliding a live bait sometimes provides a bit of a problem. Here is a great tip to help when sliding a mullet, shad or strepie on a steel trace.
Getting A Stuck Fishing Rod Apart (10/22/2009)
[Tackle] Getting a stuck fishing rod apart can drive you bonkers, or worse, end in a broken rod. Here is a easy workable solution to this problem.
Spinning for Cob (9/04/2009)
[Saltwater Fishing] The idea of spinning for cob and expecting to actually get a strike really frightens the living daylights out of me, but after seeing 2 cob being landed by an angler from PE made me think a bit.
Persevere - We all hit a dry patch sometime (8/19/2009)
[Saltwater Fishing] In the 40+ years I have been fishing I had the good fortune to fish with many fine anglers and have learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Most of these lessons had to do with fish and bait and rigs, but a few lessons had nothing to do with the basics or even advanced skills needed to become a great angler.