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Bio: My mission is to help you learn the skills to catch lots of big fish on Lake Fork—skills that will also help you catch more and bigger fish on your home lake and any other lakes you fish. In addition, I will focus my efforts on your goals for our trip—whether you want to learn a new technique, find fish for an upcoming tournament, learn the current patterns for a week’s visit to Fork, or just have an enjoyable day with friends, family or a client.

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Lake Fork Report & Pics: May 25, 2008 (5/25/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] With summer just around the corner, the bass fishing patterns are still wide open at Lake Fork due to a cooler than normal spring and high water.
Lake Fork Report & Pics - Spawning Pairs In The Shallows (4/27/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] As we enter May, I’m still seeing some spawning pairs in the shallows at Lake Fork. Between the fry guarders, spawning fish and the bass chasing the hoards of shad spawning in the grass, 10’ and less has been my best depth range this week.
Lake Fork Report & Pics: April 13, 2008 (4/13/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] With bass in all 3 phases of the spawn and sections of the lake that are clear, stained and muddy, it’s possible to catch big Lake Fork bass on just about any shallow water technique right now.
Lake Fork Report & Pics: March 30, 2008 (3/30/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] Heading into April, the spawn is in full swing at Lake Fork.
Bass Heading Towards First Wave Of Spawning On Lake Fork (3/16/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] A major warming trend has Lake Fork bass rapidly heading towards the first wave of spawning.
Lake Fork Report & Pics: March 1, 2008 (3/01/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] Heading into March, the bass are still prespawn on Lake Fork and more big fish are showing up all the time.
Lake Fork Report & 10 lb’er Pics: Feb 9, 2008 (2/09/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] Despite the wind, cold and rain, I’ve been fishing almost every day on Fork for the past 4 weeks now. As the water cooled and warmed over the past two weeks, our fishing has been exceptional. By that I mean it was either exceptionally awesome or exceptionally tough!
Lake Fork Report & Pics—January 21, 2008 (1/23/2008)
[Lake Fork,TX] 2008 is off to a good start for my customers and me. I spent the first part of this month fishing the FLW Stren Series event on Falcon and caught them well, sitting in 5th place on day 2 before struggling on day 3 and finishing in 19th place. Now I’m back to fishing Lake Fork on a daily basis and although the weather has been chilly, the bass don’t seem to mind.
Lake Fork Report—December 28, 2007 (12/28/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] With big bass smoking jigs, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, and lipless crankbaits now through March, this is my favorite time of the year on Fork. Numbers run lower this time of year; however, the average size of your catch is at its highest for the year, usually in the 3.5 to 5 lb range, with a good shot at bass 7 lbs or greater.
Lake Fork Report—December 3, 2007 (12/03/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] With cooler nights and shorter days, the bass at Lake Fork are settling into late fall and winter patterns.
Lake Fork Report & Pics—November 5, 2007 (11/05/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Fall fishing on Lake Fork can be good in both the shallows and the deep.
Lake Fork Fishing Shifting To Fall Pattern (10/18/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] After a much warmer than average fall, a big rain and cooler nights seem to have the bass on Lake Fork shifting to more of a fall pattern.
Lake Fork Report—September 29, 2007 (9/29/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] After a record breaking McDonald’s tournament with 35 bass of over 24” being weighed in, the bite has remained strong at Lake Fork. It appears the lake has finished turning over and the deep bass are starting to bite regularly, while very good numbers of bass are coming from the shallows. Whether you like fishing shallow, deep, or in-between, all depth ranges and almost any lure in your tackle box will produce on Lake Fork during the months of October and most of November.
Lake Fork Report & Pics - September 9, 2007 (9/09/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Tournament season is in full swing on Lake Fork, with 4 tournaments yesterday and the McDonald’s Big Bass Splash, Berkley Big Bass tourney, and many others happening in the next few weeks. Just in time, lots of keeper sized bass are showing up in the shallows, while big fish are still available for the experienced structure fisherman.
Lake Fork Fishing Photos and Report (8/15/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] The heat of summer finally hit Lake Fork this week. Other than a couple of slow days, the deep structure fishing is hot as well, with several days with catches from 33 to 47 bass. While we didn’t catch any monsters this week, fishing has been very good for slot fish, with a lot of fish being caught in the 5 lb to a little over 7 lb range.
Lake Fork Report & Pics (7/30/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Although the bass fishing on Lake Fork normally slows somewhat during the dog days of summer, the cool and wet weather has the bass biting very well on most days this past week. Even better, the big ones seem to be biting well, with a couple of bass over 11.5 lbs being caught during the daytime this past week.
Lake Fork Report & Pics, July 15, 2007 (7/15/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] With lots of fresh runoff and cooler than normal temps, the bass at Lake Fork remain scattered from the backs of creeks to deep water structure.
Lake Fork Report & 12 lb’er Pics (6/21/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] With many cloudy and rainy days, the shallow bite at Fork has remained good with all of the flooded grass, aquatic vegetation, and reasonable water temps. Until the rains stop and the water temps warm up, the deep bite will remain a little inconsistent. Some days we have found good schools on the bottom and you can catch a number of big fish very quickly.
Lake Fork Report & 10 lb’er Pics (5/28/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Fishing hasn’t changed much this past week, with a few really good days and a few really slow days. When the deep bite has been on, we’ve caught a lot of 6 to 10 pound bass. Other days, the fish just seemed to disappear out deep.
Lake Fork Report & Pics (5/20/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Fishing has been inconsistent at Lake Fork this past week. When the deep bite has been on, fishing is good and we’re catching mostly postspawn females in the 4 to 9 lb range. Other days, we’re only finding a few small schools out deep and I’ve had to resort to shallow water fishing, where the bite has been sporadic at best.
Lake Fork Report & Pics (5/03/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Fishing on Lake Fork has been very good for us on most days this past week. Yesterday, we had 6 fish over 6 pounds, while we had a couple 7s along with several 6s and a lot of 3.5 to 5.5 pounders on Monday after a slower day on Tuesday.
Lake Fork Report and Lake Baccarac Update (4/26/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] As we near May, I’m still seeing a number of spawning pairs in the shallows at Lake Fork. Between the fry guarders, spawning fish and the bass chasing the hoards of shad spawning in the grass, 8’ and less has been my best depth range this week. I expect the shallows will remain my main pattern for a couple more weeks, too. Meanwhile, a few fish are starting to show up on deep structure and a number of fish are hanging out in mid-range depths (8’ to 18’).
Lake Fork Report & Pics (4/13/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Lake Fork is rebounding nicely after a major cold front dropped our water temps by 10 to 15 degrees. Although our numbers slowed this week, big fish are still being caught and another wave of spawning fish seem to be pulling up shallow with the recent warming trend.
Lake Fork Report & Pics (4/02/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Heading into April, the spawn is in full swing at Fork. Prespawn and postspawn bass are still available all over the lake as well. As evidence, we had an 8 lb’er that was clearly prespawn and full of eggs at the back end of a creek way, way up north this week, while we also saw some bass fry on main lake flats on the south end. As usual, I expect the spawn to continue into early May.
Lake Fork Report & Pics—10, 13, and even 15 lb’ers! (3/12/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] Many warm and sunny days resulted in a big bass catching spree at Fork and kicked off the spawn in earnest. While numbers were up and down this week, size has been very good most days, including a 10.25 pounder we caught yesterday. In addition, dozens of giant bass have been reported at the local marinas this week, including two 13s and a 15.32!
Lake Fork Report (3/03/2007)
[Lake Fork,TX] A sustained warming trend has the big bass on the move at Fork, with fish up to 10 lbs caught in my boat this week and lots of big fish being reported at local marinas. Typical of this time of year, we’ve had several days with well over 20 bass caught, while a couple days were downright tough.
Lake Fork Bass Fishing (7/29/2006)
[Lake Fork,TX] After being out of town for almost the entire month of July, it’s good to be back chasing the lunkers on Lake Fork. Unfortunately, I’m heading back out of town for another tournament, so I won’t be able to flirt with those big Lake Fork females very long.
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[Lake Fork,TX] We've caught 9, 10, and 11 lb fish lately as the water has warmed up and bass are moving up to spawn.
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