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    Fiji Fishing Report - March 2012 by Adrian Watt (3/21/2012)
    [Kadavu] The Fiji summer yellowfin run is off to a great start
    Kadavu Fiji GT Popping Update by Adrian Watt (6/18/2011)
    [Kadavu] We had an unusual summer of popper casting for GTs with the La Nina weather paterns making for unfavourable conditions and sometimes a very poor bite by our standards.
    Gamefishing Report June 2011 - Kadavu Island - Fiji Islands by Adrian Watt (6/07/2011)
    [Kadavu] The summer blue marlin season was reasonable with fish averaging around 250lbs but we didn't see the usual monsters this season.
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report July 2009 by Adrian Watt (8/07/2009)
    [Kadavu] The winter season started with a bang as big packs of wahoo flooded in. Marauding groups of up to 50 fish were seen on all the usual Kadavu Island haunts and every pack contained some fish close to the magical 100lbs mark.
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report May 2009 by Adrian Watt (6/24/2009)
    [Kadavu] The Fiji Autumn has seen some excellent marlin fishing alongside the last of the summer Yellowfin run.
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report April 2009 by Adrian Watt (4/14/2009)
    [Kadavu] We have enjoyed an excellent summer season of mostly glassy seas and good offshore gamefishing. The big blue marlin were thinner on the ground than usual but the smaller blues made up for it in big numbers.
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report - January 2009 by Adrian Watt (1/19/2009)
    [Kadavu] A superb start to the summer season has seen glassy seas and acres of Yellowfin and skipjack tuna smashing bait balls as far as the eye can see.
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report - November 2008 by Adrian Watt (12/03/2008)
    [Kadavu] It has been an excellent spring for us with just about everything on the species list available to anglers. The wahoo and sailfish packs have thinned but the first of the Christmas Yellowfin schools are now moving in.
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report September 2008 by Adrian Watt (10/13/2008)
    [Kadavu] Charter Operator Matava Resort Gamefishing Average Water Temp 26.0 Average Weather - Yes, decidedly average. Often 20kts and rough, Occasional excellent days Water Clarity Variable inshore, good offshore
    Fiji Islands Saltwater Fishing Report July 2008 by Adrian Watt (7/18/2008)
    [Kadavu] The expected wahoo and Pacific sailfish action fired up in June with good wahoo packs all along the Kadavu island barrier reef and medium sized sailfish to 75lbs forming small packs in the usual hot spots. Bill Boyce with ultralight 4kg class line and wahooBite Me took the womens W-10kg Line Class Fiji National Record with a good sail of over 100lbs and single fish over this size are fairly common right now.
    Fiji Saltwater Fishing Report - April-May 2008 by Adrian Watt (4/07/2008)
    [Kadavu] The summer Yellowfin run has proved to be plentiful with many fish to 100Lbs. Large schools of smaller fish offered great sport on the light tackle and plenty of bait for the heavy tackle marlin enthusiasts.
    Fiji Saltwater Fishing Report - December / January 2008 by Adrian Watt (2/02/2008)
    [Kadavu] Blue marlin Lots of mid sized fish with the occasional 500+ pounder Yellowfin - Here in big numbers, a virtually guaranteed catch Sailfish Just the occasional Wahoo Just the occasional Mahi Mahi lots to 30lbs and some bigger bulls to 50lbs around Mackerel Just the occasional GTs Good bite at the moment with excellend weather conditions for popper casting
    Fiji Fishing Report August 2007 by Adrian Watt (8/30/2007)
    [Kadavu] We are now well into the winter wahoo and Pacific sailfish run but this year continues to disappoint a little. The large packs of marauding wahoo that congregate along the barrier reef are fewer in number than normal. Though packs are being found in some of the usual places, some sites that normally hold wahoo packs are just not firing up yet.
    Matava Inshore Fishing Report April 2007 by Adrian Watt (5/15/2007)
    [Kadavu] The Narrow Barred (Spanish) Mackerel are getting more active because of the cooling water with the average size now increasing to about 30lbs. If you find a patch of schooling juveniles there is normally a big guy or two lurking nearby.
    Matava Offshore Fishing Report April 2007 by Adrian Watt (5/15/2007)
    [Kadavu] The blue marlin fishing has gone quiet as the surface water temp finally spiked up to 29 degrees during a long calm sunny spell.