Guatemala - Presidential challenge report weel ending 11_18_2007

2007-11-19 14:01:55
Guatemala Pacific, - Saltwater Fishing Report
18 miles E

<p>This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending

November 18th 2007 and is prepared by

The Great Sailfishing Company

operating out of the new Pez Vela


I’m the first to recognize that “Local Knowledge” is one of

the most important factors in a successful fishing trip. The

complex interaction of tides/moons/currents/temperatures/

depth etc etc. become almost overwhelming, but years of

experience in a particular locale decipher them into almost

a “3rd sense” for where the fish are.

This seems to have been taken to a whole new level in

Guatemala however, where the local fishermen now seem

to be able to PREDICT the fishing months ahead.

The “Presidential Challenge” took place this past weekend,

and after weeks of relatively inconsistent fishing at seemingly

random spots, all of a sudden the fish have become more

concentrated starting at only 15-18 miles from the dock.

Most boats were raising 15-25 sails per day and at the end of

the tournament 30+ sails caught over the 3 days was sufficient

to be in the hunt. There also several “Grand Slams” on Blue

Marlin and Sailfish brought to the boat over the course of

the tournament. Seas were very calm with hardly and surface

movement at all until about midday.

The “Joint Venture” also fished Sunday and found not only good

numbers of sails at the same mark (15 caught), but also large

schools of voracious Albacore that were readily attacking

small skirts trolled quickly on light tackle – providing great

sport as well as good steaks for the table.

A strong Marlin

bite, good numbers of Sailfish raise and caught – and even

food for the table……….things are definitely looking up in the

rich fishing grounds off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.

The boats are ready, the crews are primed – come down and enjoy

the buildup to what we hope is going to be a great season

fishing with The Great Sailfishing Company

We still have availability for some of the popular dates, so don’t

wait, give us a call at 1-877-763-0851 or send us an email (below)

to check on dates – we would look forward to welcoming you to

some of the finest fishing anywhere.

Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week:

“ Good things come to those who bait”

~ Unknown

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About The Author: Kevin Styles

Company: The Great Sailfishing Company

Area Reporting: Guatemala

Bio: tSaltwater fly-fishing at its best : Guatemala Fishing has earned a worldwide reputation as THE destination for your billfish fishing trip because anglers regularly have shots at 20+ Sailfish per day. For all of the bluewater anglers, there are opportunities for Blue marlin and Black marlin as well as Tuna and Dorado.

The coastline and ecosystem support vast quantities of bait year round and warm eddies hold large pods of sailfish between 2 and 50 miles from port. Guatemala holds many official (and unofficial !) records for Pacific Sailfish including most in a day on conventional (124) and on the fly (57) well as most in a there is clearly no shortage of action !

The Great Sailfishing Company has been providing economical all inclusive conventional fishing and flyfishing in Guatemala for many years. Whether you prefer the luxury and privacy of a Villa staffed with personal chef, maid and waitress, the larger resort atmosphere of the Villas Del Pacifico – or the smaller complex of Costa Verde, we will be happy to work with you to ensure that you enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime.

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