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Greeting to all. I would like to share my experience sailfish fishing in Kuala Rompin Malaysia. In this trip we manage to land nearly 20 sailfish in 2 days fishing. Kuala Rompin is deemed to be the sailfish fishing capital of Asia, it has one of the best fishing grounds in this region. Other than using live bait, surface popping also can attracted sailfish.

Nestled on the south east coast of the Malaysian peninsular, Kuala Rompin is a unique area offering anglers of all experience and skill levels spectacular sailfish action. The sailfish are drawn to this part of the South China Sea as the warm currents offer them the ideal feeding grounds for the masses of baitfish within this area. Sailfish work in packs hunting these waters for bait schools and their aggressive feeding patterns offer anglers numerous sport fishing opportunities. The warm, calm waters off the coast of Kuala Rompin are ideal for anglers to target quantities of these billfish.

Fish Species: Sailfish
Bait Used: live bait, popper
Tackle Used: various
Method Used: Live biat ballon rig, popping
Water Depth: 30meters
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
40kg Sail
40kg Sail

Sailfish hooked
Sailfish hooked

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