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24/1/11 Just one or two boatsout and all failed miserably in their duties. Max air temperature 7.9c. Amount of rainfall 0.3mm. 25/1/11 There were Three boats manipulating and just the odd one or two Kelts caught and Still waiting for that elusive first Salmon. Wind N light and overcast with light rain at times, amount of rainfall in the 24 hours 6.2mm, max air temperature 9.3c. 26/1/11 There were two or three boats out and just a few Kelts caught. Wind NE light, with reasonable cloud cover, amount of rainfall 2.9mm.max air temperature 9.4c. 27/1/11 All quiet on the SW front. Wind NE light to fresh. Max air temperature 5.7c. 28/1/11 Just a few Kelts caught on the troll. Wind E light with reasonable cloud cover, max air temperature 4.0c. Now for a bit of interesting news which I read on BBC TV Text Headlines. Fish Chemical use 'on the rise. The Level of chemicals used by fish farmers to treat Sea Lice infestations has risen dramatically, a BBC Scotland investigation has learned. Scottish government figures showed that over the past five years, the industry used a broader range of chemicals and more of them. Campaigners claim the figures are evidence the natural parasite is becoming resistant to the treatments, fish lice have been blamed for the damaging Salmon and Sea Trout. 29/1/11All quiet on the SW front except for the odd few Kelts being caught. Wind NE light with reasonable cloud cover. Max air temperature 4.8c. 30/1/11 just one or two boats and the only bit of action was from my noble Kelts. Lough Currane was flat clam all day, max air temperature 7.1c. 31/1/11 great News the first Salmon of the 2011 season was caught by those renowned Gillies, Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr on the fly at the Morgan's Rock with his Father Mr. Terence Wharton Snr, so congratulations to the both of them, plus they have done the double, First Salmon, and the first caught on a Hairy Mary size 4 fly on a floating line. Wind SSW fresh to strong and overcast with light mist rain all day, amount of rainfall 6.0mm. That is your ration for this week, from your Gillie/Guide and the Waterville Fishery. No Spin No Fly's just facts.

Fish Species: Salmon/Sea Trout
Bait Used: none
Tackle Used: Fly/Triolling Rods
Method Used: Fly/Troll
Water Depth: none
Water Temperature: none
Wind Direction: none
Wind Speed: none

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Vincent Appleby

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Company: Eureka Lodge

Area Reporting: Waterville fishery

Bio: Name. Vincent Appleby. Fishing Guide for the Waterville Fishery Lough Currane is the finest specimen Sea Trout Lake in Ireland and we also have great Salmon fishing on the lake or our great River system, starting with the Butler Pool, River Inny, we three upper Lakes

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